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Pre Schoolers In Peril – Trinidadwarrior777


Pre Schoolers In Peril

February 16, 2021 8:13 AM

Last night on 2-15-2021 I had the most unsettling dream.

I dreamt my husband’s cousins received their Vaccines and decided it was time to do the same for their pre schoolers.

Despite my warnings they refused to acknowledge the dangers of side effects and possible death which I provided evidence for to them prior.

It was as if their emotions, empathy and overall every kind of care for another’s well being no longer mattered. The obsession over promoting and pushing this Vaccine became top priority.

The next scene I was watching 2 children sleeping as if from a birds eye view above their homes. Even though the boy lived in a separate house with his parents. I was able to observe both families inside their homes.

The boy contacted severe corona symptoms from his Vaccine which included trouble breathing and extreme coughing fits.Yet his parents complete ignored his cries for help.

While the other cousin’s daughter ran a 103.5 fever. I remember the number distinctly as I saw her mom taking the little girls temperature. I know then that her child was dying and I had to say or do something. I found myself standing next to the woman and began to tell her to take her daughter to the hospital. Her parents only laughed at me trying to convince me that her condition was perfectly normal and these side effects were no cause for alarm.

Meanwhile other friends of theirs came to visit and to my shock the parents reaction to their loved ones concerns; was met with an opposite emotional response.

The little girls’ parents were now in tears voicing concerns for their daughters life as if they were suddenly worried.

They Explained that they tried everything to save her life already but it was Corona that was killing these kids unwilling to blame the vaccine.

Yet their attempt to gain sympathy from these people was like an act unlike any I’d ever seen. They genuinely appeared to feel remorse from their point of view but I knew it was all an act.

Whenever a friend of theirs questioned that getting this inoculation may have been a mistake ;they reacted with denial and continued to reassure the bystanders that this drug was a miracle instead of a bio weapon.

As I was watching the scene I realized that these people were no longer human. They were able to feign emotion and even shed tears in front of people close to them. But as soon as they looked back at me they just grinned as if they were happy about their own children upcoming deaths.

“Everything is working out exactly as it should be.” The cousin said yet again as if to dismiss me. “Everyone has to take this mark so we can get the world back to normal.” She gestured to her friends yet again.

It was difficult having to watch these people’s callousness and willful ignorance to see the truth. I felt helpless unable to convince a single person in that room that this little girl was dying and needed help. I tried to reach for the child in order to carry her away myself but was met with a forceful push out the door by her mother.

End of dream


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