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One World Network=New World Order – Cassandra

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One World Network=New World Order

August 8, 2021 2:08 PM

Had a Creepy Vision last night 8/7/21

I was unable to sleep
But as I laid there trying to sleep I had a very strange image in my head. That of a Massive Computer Server. There was a Network paired with 5 G. People from all Nations were tuned into/connected Wirelessly able to watch any Tv, Movie channel or browse the internet without any device but their own telepathic network. The Word/“The image that Speaks” Came to mind immediately. What ever people watched it was as if every actor, new anchor etc was speaking directly to them. Looking at them telepathically. Not only were they traceable but also controllable 100% via this network. Anyone who did not comply could be turned off with the same switch that glows red or green . Active or Inactive…

Those who were not controlled but wanted to defy the system was killed. Only the most submissive remained in Satans army . The majority being Asian. Today I looked up the name I heard . Its not The New World Order anymore but ONE WORLD NETWORK … Sure enough I googled it and its real.


As always please take it to the Lord

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