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Oh France, Repent! – Pierrick from France 🇫🇷
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By sdecoret

Oh France, Repent!

November 29, 2020 3:43 AM
Pierrick from France 🇫🇷


Hi again 444,

I hope you and you loved ones are well. Rough times indeed !
I received a message for my country 🇫🇷France, on the 12th of october 2020. Here is the youtube link and the translation.

Oh France, Repent !

Message of the Lord received on October 12, 2020

O people of France, listen to the voice of the Lord who calls you from the high places of heaven, a place that too few of you know, for your hearts and actions are unclean and defiled with sin. From the throne where the present, the past and the future are before Me, I observe this land that I created with my hands, for which I bled with my hands. But I am here, alone, watching you, for nothing impure can remain in my presence, and that is why I cannot allow you to enter unless you surrender to the persuasions of my spirit, which is Holy, for it is my spirit that sanctifies. But you do not wish to be sanctified. You are like swine that prefer mud to the green heavenly meadows that I have prepared for you. You are a stiff-necked people like my Israel of old. A people blessed with the knowledge of part of my gospel but who have turned their backs and especially their hearts to your eternal Benefactor. For did I not send you my servants whom you killed? Have I not enlightened you with an unprecedented access to my Holy Word? And what have you done with it? You preferred the prophets of the lights who had no other light than that of Lucifer shining in them. You preferred the path of progress instead of the Voice of spiritual progression. You preferred liberalization instead of freedom from sin. You, who have subjected so many peoples, are falling under the chains of the bondage of sin.

In spite of everything, I am in your midst every time some of you gather in holiness for Me and for My Glory. I follow your daily life, I am your best friend and ally in the face of the challenges of daily life and the trials to come. You open your doors and your borders blindly but I, who stand at the door of heaven, at the door of your heart, you leave me out. Your pride causes your loss because to the one to whom much has been given, much is required as well. This nation has been one of the most blessed nations under heaven, both spiritually and temporally, but has become intoxicated with the abundance of the riches of the earth that I have given it, riches that will soon slip through its fingers. These much esteemed riches evaporete on the other side of the tomb. But the spiritual riches prepared for my faithful ones never run out, never rust or corrupt, and last forever, for the Lord is my name.

People of France, I give you this warning; repent, for the day of the Lord is near and it’s at the door. The cataclysms that will come upon you are as great as your prostitution before my eyes. Your past sufferings against the enemy are nothing in comparison with the wave that is going to break over this beautiful country. You will wish to die but death will flee before you, you will call for help but no one will deliver you, you will wish to satiate yourself but will cry out in pain while you don’t have to shout to let me in. Just whisper and here I am, I show up with my 1000 and my 10000. Oh how I wish I didn’t have to let you go through all these afflictions but justice demands justice. The first will be the last and the last will be the first, says the Lord of hosts. So repent, for the tribulations mentioned in the book of my beloved will bring desolation to your nation. Repent of your crooked ways with which you have led so many nations astray. Repent of your wine that destroys the soul. Repent of your murders and filth. My dear children, do it while there is still time because the hour is near when the enemy will establish his siege over the nations and will feed you with a rod of iron and satanic words. The antichrist is among you and you do not see him. His false prophets of darkness whisper in your ear and you find it pleasing. But the reign of the devil, fire and blood has only a time, for the return of the King of kings is near, but who will bear His coming? Who will still be standing to see Him shine in heaven with the myriads of angels at His side? Who will be purified on that day to see Him as He is without seeking to hide while His Holy Spirit will pierce through all your hiding places? The angels are ready and waiting for the harvest. I am still holding them back for a while, but soon this sermon that I am preaching to you through my spirit will be preached by war, revolution, the fall of the markets, the sound of bombs and the cry of mothers for their children. Come back to me. Once you were a people, though rebellious, believers. Just believe. I am Christ and outside of me there is no salvation for your souls. Put your trust in me and in no one else. Tremble now in the quest in extremis for your salvation before you tremble with fear, are petrified like Lot’s wife by what she saw. Seek my sweet voice, the voice of the Holy Spirit who will soon be hard to hear among all the din of the demolition of this nation, one of the mothers of the iniquities that dominate the earth today. Repent, and though you may be dirty and blackened by the coals of sin, you may become white and bright as snow, reflecting the light of him who is the Light of the World.


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