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New Wonder Drug

April 5 2020 9:04 PM

Iseaweaver. I had a few dreams of note. Some unfinished butcthus one is peculiar.

A new drug is available now and it’s shown in the dream. Me and my bond mate (equal anointed) were captured. We were still in my home but we were all in the home under the thumb of some organization. This organization wishes to hit all the Christians specifically and will hit a few blank people to make it seem anonymous.

The drug in question is a strange gene therapy weapon. It will be passed off as a cure for illnesses as well but it’s not the mark. It ended up changing my friend drastically into another being. He went from male to female and was hogtied on my couch. I tried to figure what happened but I was knocked out and injected in the left knee. The pain was easily the worst kind of feeling I could imagine as my whole body seemed to be moving as if cloth while the injection site felt like microwaved metals and all forms of nerve torture.

I guess this is why Christians will need to move when told. As for me I am unable to move but given the warning I’ll be able to overcome this objective.

After I finished my process I was left in a free trade zone and was free for the most part. Not sure if I was evacuated or not.

As far as I can tell this drug is already prepared for being unleashed though I feel like many others will still have time. It’s about a month from full release I assume. I know though that a few will see the test cases. It’s a drug that is instant in effect it takes time usually to work. People could be injected and remain unaware as well. The effects can leave a person less than a man in some manner but I’m unsure how that translates. Not incurable either but I’m unsure what will be made of this in the next week or so.

As for how I’m aware of timing I wish it was always to explain. I am forbidden from betraying my source but she has been 100% accurate in even the smallest of details lately. This however is a source that says I will soon come into contact for real with the drug in question. She is not an enemy either. She’s far too Christian for that.

I am also unaware of which plan to enact when it comes into play. But I feel like I’m on a chess board with a few heavy hitters as well.

Lastly there was another conduct meeting recently and I had an epic chance to test project fleets delivery systems. Works perfect. It’s all good for its time as the ark plan comes into play sometime during the event.

As well the 12 days seems to Have some inclusion as to my source and I’m aware it will happen after the end of this month or farther out. I have no realistic projection for where it is yet but I am aware of being differently then as well.

The lord said I’d be behaving strangely this week as well. Forgive me if my mind is incorrect or incoherent. I’m at a loss for how much damage I can feesibly heal. I am taking my issues as the lord wants me too now. It’s only how he sees me that matters in the end. Will attempt to continue info dumps but I’m currently far to interconnected to the events of the few weeks ahead to make Sense on the first go.

Of course the wonderdrug is bad for people. It’s more like a nightmare drug one shouldn’t willingly partake of. It will however take the world by storm. Illegal and legal channels will have it. Humans will be sent to certain people and take advantage of others. Prayers can defend humans from demons but not other humans.

The effect of the drug is to eliminate voices of descent that speaks against the luciferian regime. But it’ll get lost in the cloud of other effects. It is the last step before the mainstream mark of the beast schedule comes into play.
Anyone who wants to go to heaven needs to avoid every injection willingly to evade this stuff

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  1. Child of God

    In your dream you tried to avoid taking the shot. I was told we would not be forced to take it, whether this shot or the mark. You would have to hide from this and hide in the shelter of Holy Spirit’s wings. Trust the Lord that you will be ok.

  2. Daniel Noah

    The Lord has made it clear, that HIS bride will have no pert in this, for she will be evacuated prior to these events…the words (if true) are for those who do not have their oil to the full,These 5 unwise virgins, will have much chaos between now and the signing of the 7 yr. Peace Pact in Sept/Oct.2020. The world-wide chaos over the next 5 month’s will usher in the Antichrist rule. Mighty Babylon/USA will not even exist when the 7 yr. Peace Pact is signed at Tabernacles 2020. Today is Tuesday April 7th 2020. The Father is telling me that the sand has run out of the hourglass…only the Bride and children before the age of accountability- will not experience the afore -mentioned… When the Bride is raptured the Seals are released-ALL ^ in one day. You failed to mention anything about the segment of the Bride who is translated into glorified eternal bodies, which will be impervious to the earth’s physics. The Bride will bring down the atmosphere and power from heaven for 40 days between 1st Fruits and Ascension, to bring in the Wheat Harvest. When the people witness the hospitals being emptied by this segment of the Bride, along with all manor of miracles performed in Jesus’ name, that is when the churches will fill. This 40 day revival will come on the heels of solar flare/EMP action.
    Daniel IHS p.s.. nC0 19 Was man made. Satan knows the rapture is about to happen, and he was attempting to kill the Bride prior to the rapture…he is afraid of that segment of the Bride… Elijah-Elisha-The disciples, all rolled into one…- perhaps hundreds of thousands of us. This will be the ‘greater works’ that Jesus spoke of. The other by-product of nCoV19, are mandatory vaccines Nephilim/DNA and a new(CHIP) digital currency this fall…Now the end begins… We fly !

  3. Alice R.

    HIV is a system that will carry an attachment gene which is used to change the DNA sequence. To replace one DNA Geno letter with another. It is not the mark of the beast & it can be given an injection. Be careful & avoid flu shots also.

  4. McKana

    Don’t be deceived!!!.
    -Changing sex(that much dramatic)
    -Free trade zone(those who took the mark under the beast system will be allowed to buy and sell)
    -Makes less of a person-the person is changed to DNA level.
    -Changing the genetic make up.

    It is the mark of the beast with it full deception.
    Bottom line:-
    No vaccine, no DNA tampering, No mark of the beast,
    Don’t compromise!

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