My Children, please establish an intimacy relationship with Me! – Translated by: Ruth Smith

My Children, please establish an intimacy relationship with Me!

March 28, 2020 7:23 AM
Translated by: Ruth Smith

Message receiver: A sister in Christ from China

Received the message on 3-8-20 at 3:00AM:

My dear children, please return quickly!

There has never been more urgent than this hour!

I AM is your only safe place to face what is going to happen! If you are not in Me, none of you could stand! I will hide you under the shadow of my wings, cover you with my feather!

Please come back quickly, do not be drawn away by this world any more, do not let yourself be defiled by the world, be humble to come back to me, turn away from all sins!

Every time you sin, that equal to crucify my son again, this hurts my heart deeply.

I love you, I desire you are to be holy, you all are redeemed at the cost of  my son’s blood.

Come back, do not wallow in the sin, turn away from all the wicked ways, let Me dress you in white linen again.

The moment when my son was on the cross to give His life for you, You have been restored your relationship with Me through Him, the relationship of father and son, bridegroom and bride.

So, What you believe in is not religion, but the restoration of intimacy relationship between you and Me. I am full of tender love for each and every one of you, and I wish you would really come to me to enjoy my purest love for you.

Many children are deeply bound by the spirit of religion which makes you really cannot establish a close relationship with me, such religion has deeply damaged our relationship.

Many think I don’t talk to my children, but Is there a father who does not speak to his son, and the groom does not speak to his bride?

Each one of my people who really establish an intimacy relationship with me, none of them cannot hear My voice. Just like this day, everyone who really established a close relationship with me, there is no one who does not receive the message of the end of age.

What I value most in your carrying the cross is your relationship with me, only a relationship like this can give you the strength you need to stay on this path; and also, only in such a relationship that you can truly enjoy the sweetness of My presence in your heart.

The closer you get to me, the more likely you are to be like me, to hate sin more, to yearn for true holiness,  bear the full fruits of the Holy Spirit, and bear all the abundance that I have prepared for you!

Children, break the binding of religion upon you! Come to me with your pure heart! Learn to hear My small voice to you.

In Bible, whether Moses, Abram, David, or Paul, they all had a very close relationship with me, they ask me in all things, completely obey the Holy Spirit’s instructions.

So, children, do not be afraid, never to doubt, I am ready to open my warm arms to embrace you at any time, please come closer to truly experience that how much I love you, how much I care about you! I long to hear every beat of your heart, this is the heart of a Father.

Come back quickly, do not spin around in this world, this world does’t belong to you! Your home is in the heaven, everything on the earth will be gone very soon, money will soon be worthless!

In this last days, you only can count on Papa, you must live by My grace, so please take hold of My hand, get rid of all sins, walk in My holy light with your great faith and hope!

Love you,

Abba Father

Relevant Scriptures:

Revelation 12:14

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Ephesians 2:14

2 corinthians 6:18

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Original Chinese Version:

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