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Mouth for War 🌍☄️ – Exodus Speaks

Mouth for War 🌍☄️

Christmas Morning Vision

December 31, 2020
Exodus Speaks


Auto Generated Transcript

i just wanted to come on here and share
a drink i had on
christmas morning so i’m going to read
it from my dream journal
around 6 a.m on the morning of december
i was shaken away by a very disturbing
vision very short but very powerful
i was standing outside when i began
seeing darts of fire
being poured down onto the earth people
were screaming
buildings were collapsing but i remember
standing still
in the vision i was not scared but i was
jerked awake
but when i was jerked awake i was
shaking and my heart was pounding
i drank some water but i had a very hard
time going back to bed
and i also heard in the dream kind of in
my spirit
they will try to take credit for it but
it was yeah
um later on that day i was given a song
by a band that i have not listened to
since i was a teenager
and the song is mouth for war by pantera
and oddly enough the album is titled
vulgar display of power
um some of the lyrics from that song are
bones in traction hands break to hone
raw energy
bold and disastrous my ears can’t hear
what you’re saying to me
hold your mouth for the war use it for
what it’s for
speak the truth about me and
scriptural references i was given
isaiah 23 jeremiah 51
and strong concordance number 339
which translates to coastland

thank you for listening please share

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