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Metals Refined In Heavenly Fire

Aug 28, 2019, 4:37 PM

This was a dream I had on the second day I became ill. These first few times are always when the spirit dwells deepest upon my body. This dream was unique.

It starts off in a meat freezer inside a restaurant and I’m looking around and then I was about to leave when I felt many dark entities about. So, I charged myself up for anything that might come and went back to a certain area to see something. Then I saw lucifer and in my mind I thought to step back but then I was pulled out by someone after a small flicker of gold light came off about me. Then the people were beginning to suffer demonic attacks on their food and harvests. I knew I had to go and confront this issue and went back inside walking by faith. The peons then instead of fighting saw my silver light and said their master was expecting me. Then I drew close to lucifer and he knocked me back because he knew I was there to defy him. As I am knocked back, I see on my right side a vision of the lord Jesus and the throne of god Yahweh. He had said what you are about to witness is for those whom follow me wherever I go. I then self realized the 144,000 as spoken about in revelations. With that I charged up going from purified silver to purified gold and as I shone so brightly all ran in fear but lucifer tried to knee me but I immediately sensed his works reflexively and blocked. He then ran in fear also disappearing.

I then awoke and asked the lord why this was happening now. He then said that it was for me to know beforehand the power I would wield for my sacrifices to his cause. Then over the day I began to meditate on this dream and came to a conclusion. Man is bronze and since bronze was taught first to be worked by Satan bronze belonged to Satan and thus demons stood above them above the demons stands the silver the ones bought by Jesus Christ and as they cleanse from sins they purify and gain great power that would harm all sin even their own sins remaining. Then there is those who followed Jesus all their time and gave all sins away to the lord to be cleansed. Some are golden but this gold purified in the fire was special. Even Satan could rule the silver who can make other demons tremble. But purified gold has equal authority to Christ given them by Christ Jesus. Such people can tell Satan and lucifer what to do and he will flee if he senses such authority. Purified gold has no unwashed or cleansed sins. It has fully repented and given their all to the lord Jesus Christ. Such are truly unable to be harmed either. They will block any attack and what they don’t know will be harmless also. Nothing not a single hair can be touched or hurt. Even Obama ran when it sparked out of me. So, I’m sure this confirms that the 144,000 are not even unto his authority going to get hurt. For now, I have nothing more. Hoping this dispels any issues I might have seen before. I will not accept any healing as I have rather used the illness as a defining marker to how much time people have left before I move on and unleash the things to come. I have and know what Satan will do to me but I know he is not expecting his blindness to be utterly stricken. When is a good question? But I am not going to hasten the tribulations anymore as the lord has stated it is a bad and terrible thing to hasten the lords coming, reminding me of how the luciferins and Satanists will hasten this coming of their god. So foolish are any who wish for gods destructions. Such should first be seeing it in dreams and then be pushed to repent that they escape the most of it. Forgiveness is shaped by one’s repentance. Even from Jesus that is so. Even I fail but I stand back up in Jesus Christ’s name and push to be forgiven of everything I have done. The weight of sin is felt and the holy spirit guides me to repent.

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  1. Devine Nkanga

    Did you say that you realized you are one of the 144000? Also from reading revelations and other peoples prophecies, it seems that God has already sealed His 144000, so even if one repents now one cant be part of the bride. So it seems those who repent now can only look forward to the great tribulation and should hope to be martyred for Christ? What i want to know is what happens if you die outside of martyrdom? Even if you repent. Because the bible in revelations talks about those who are dead, will be asleep for a 1000 years while Christ reigns on New earth with His bride. Then after that will be the white throne judgement. I believe the Bride and those who are martyred wont face this, its those who died outside of these two scenarios. So should i just pray to be martyred at this point? Because if God is to judge my life i dont think i will pass with flying colors.

  2. Tyshon Jones


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