LAUGH NOW – Byron Searle

Byron Searle


Jeremiah 6:22-23
22 Thus saith the Lord, Behold, a people cometh from the north country, and a great nation shall be raised from the sides of the earth.
23 They shall lay hold on bow and spear; they are cruel, and have no mercy; their voice roareth like the sea; and they ride up on horses, set in array as men for war against thee, O daughter of Zion.

My son, I say now to My People LAUGH NOW! ENJOY these holidays that man has made, for soon you will NOT BE LAUGHING!!! As I bring My Sword of Anger against a people that WILL NOT REPENT, the days of merriment will be over, and the Days of Sorrows will begin!!! I tell you now, many of the voices that are speaking say that I have ALREADY OPENED the Seals of Judgment – they lie and only want you to believe we are at the fifth seal! I HAVE NOT EVEN BROKEN ANY SEALS!!! THE TIME YOU ARE NOW IN ARE THE BIRTH PANGS — THE DAYS OF SORROWS!!! WHEN I OPEN THE SEALS, YOU WILL KNOW THAT I, THE LORD OF HOSTS, HAVE BEGUN MY JUDGMENTS ON THE WORLD!!!!!

My son, THE BIRTH PANGS HAVE ONLY JUST BEGUN!!! What will My People who have NO FAITH think as the birth gets closer??? The judgments you think that are so terrible are NOTHING YET!!! The wars will grow worse and many will die! The earthquakes that everyone says are so big and terrible are NOTHING YET! SOON I WILL SHAKE THE ENTIRE WORLD!!! EVERYTHING THAT WILL SHAKE WILL BE SHAKEN, AND MILLIONS WILL PERISH!!!!!

The Roaring Seas and Waves that wipe clean the islands and coastlines, AGAIN, are just the Days of Sorrows, NOT THE SEALS BEING BROKEN!!! Why do My People want so much for the seals to be opened??? They want them because that would mean I am coming soon TO GET THEM!!! Do you think My Bride is READY??? NO!!!!! MY BRIDE HAS TO BE REFINED BY FIRE TO BURN THE SIN AND IDOLATRY OUT OF HER!!! SHE IS A WHORE AND WILL BE MADE CLEAN THROUGH THE DAYS OF SORROWS!!!

My son, you and many others have been declaring My Holiness and Righteousness to a deaf Church, BUT SOON, THE LAUGHING, REBELLIOUS PEOPLE WILL STOP AND DROP TO THEIR KNEES, CRYING OUT FOR REPENTANCE!!! Beware of the many false prophets saying we are NOW IN THE TRIBULATION! YOU ARE NOT AND WILL NOT BE!!! I WILL GATHER MY BRIDE TO ME AFTER SHE IS MADE PURE AND HOLY — WITHOUT SPOT OR BLEMISH!!!

Continue CRYING REPENT, for My Salvation is now available to all who cry out for forgiveness!!! BE THANKFUL THE SEALS HAVE NOT BEEN BROKEN, and pray for each other, for the DAYS OF SORROWS WILL GET WORSE!!!

Messiah Jesus

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  1. Michael

    Interesting……. that’s contrary to a lot of prophetic words out there but I’m more inclined to believe this.

  2. Ashleigh

    The Lord has prepared a bride, her and the spirit shall say come drink of the living waters without price (Rev 22) and she is not a whore as you say.

    The Lukewarm shall be saved through trial and fires in the valley and made white through TRIBULATION.

    We are in the time of the 6th seal and the earth shall shake with the wrath of the Lamb.

    You lie to the people and have your own understanding the seals are indeed being opened by the Lord they are losed unto the earth like horses riding across the land. You do not know because you speak your own mind and inquire not of the Lord.

    Beware of man! All flesh that remains in a vessel is a tool for the enemy to bring forth lies.

    those who love the flock will warn of the flesh that infiltrated the camp of those who speak and were not refined in fire. The flesh is wicked it takes a name and runs to speak like God.

    I ask the Lord to lead you to the place of repentance and to silence your flesh before all men as the blood will be on your hands.

    (Also it does matter who the Antichrist is and it does matter that you lie to the flock.)

    The Lord did not send you to speak but you ran and now you have been left to your own devices and your very words contradict the word of God as you YELL!!! at the people and profit them nothing.

    Repent and turn back to the Lord let him burn you to be used as a pure empty vessel, the hour is late.

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