IT’S A TRAP! – Byron Searle

By Byron Searle


2 Sam.13:1-29

My son, the trap is being set. All the players are moving into place. Just as Amnon set the trap to rape Tamar, the king of America is setting a trap. The North Korean leader is also setting a trap which will lead to the kick-off event. While the king of America looks to fool the leader of North Korea, the leader of North Korea has men in hiding that will attempt to kill the king. The king of America survives; however, the world is now thrown into war. These words are true, and this event is the kick-off to much bloodshed.

There will be a nuclear bomb explode in the king’s city that will be said to be North Korean, but that is a lie. The bomb will be Russian; however, the nation will not know that. Men in high places do know, but nothing is done about it.

Israel will be attacked from all sides and is forced to destroy Damascus with nuclear weapons because the rockets that rain down are chemical, and many of My people perish. Israel will defeat her enemies at great cost to life, but she will enlarge her borders and will declare peace and safety. The world is inflamed with hatred for Israel, including America.

My son, warn My people, the remnant, to not be so anchored in this world. I am coming soon – get ready! Tell My remnant to stay in prayer and to listen to My voice. Turn off the electronics and listen to
My voice. I am speaking to all of you, but you must have your spiritual ears tuned in. Do not listen to the lying Hananiah prophets, for they will only cause you doubt. Do not fear, for now is the time to walk in GREAT FAITH. Trust Me, saith the Lord, for I am with you always. I tell you this because I love you, and I want you to be ready.
Messiah Jesus

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