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IT TOOK A GENTILE – Byron Searle


APRIL 16, 2019
Byron Searle

Vision & Word Received 04/16/2019

Matthew Chapter 27 (the entire chapter)
Now when the centurion, and they that were with him, watching Jesus, saw the earthquake, and those things that were done, they feared greatly, saying, Truly this was the Son of God.

Brothers and sisters, as a result of the vision the Lord gave me tonight, I will never, ever, ever be the same! It shook me to my core! What He allowed me to experience is so far beyond anything I could ever even attempt to begin to describe to you here. There are no words to adequately convey what I saw, and I can only try and hope to relay it to you here as best I can. Oh, the price our dear Savior paid!

All I can say is this song says it best – Oh, the blood of Jesus! Oh, the blood of Jesus! Oh, the blood of Jesus! It washes white as snow!

After my time in prayer this evening, the Lord directed me to read Matthew chapter 27. After reading it and meditating on the scriptures, the Lord began to speak to me, saying, “It took a Gentile.” He paused and then spoke this to me a few more times and then He told me to write.

I began writing the words the Lord was speaking to me, but when I wrote the words that He said “While I was hanging on the cross,” I suddenly and instantly was in the spirit and found myself standing at the foot of the cross!

In that instant, at first, I was both shocked and confused as to where I was and what I was seeing andrea witnessing taking place right before me. I found myself standing about 5 to 6 feet in front of and directly facing a cross with what appeared to be a man hanging on it. In that moment, I could not tell who this man before me was as He was completely and totally unrecognizable. The complete shock of what I was seeing hit me as I stood there and began to look upon this man – this severely beaten, whipped, shredded and torn flesh, bloody, bloody man, and the realization that it was Jesus I was seeing!

As I began to look, I was horrified to see that every inch of His skin was covered in and dripping with blood, from head to toe. You may not like to hear this, but to say that He looked like raw hamburger hanging there is the closest I can describe it. There was no spot of skin visible, it was all blood, blood, and more blood!

I looked at His legs down to His feet and saw that the feet were placed one on top of the other with one huge nail or spike driven through them together. Again, they were completely covered in blood, and dripping. I noticed that His feet appeared to be up about 3 feet above the ground.

My eyes were then drawn upward, and I began to see His torso, which again was completely covered with blood, so much so, that it was almost too much to be able to look at. I saw the arms outstretched with a huge spike in each one, right at the place where the palm and wrist meet. Again, the arms and hands were completely covered in and dripping with blood.

Lastly, I looked up at His head and face. It was so badly beaten and covered with blood that I could not make out any facial features at all. There was so much swelling, both eyes were swollen shut. There looked to be only bits and pieces of His beard left on His face, drenched and dripping with blood. His hair was a bloody, dripping mass. There was so much blood, He was truly, truly unrecognizable. I was able to see how the blood ran down the cross and into and onto the ground.

My son, I have had you read and study Matthew 27 to show everyone that “it took a Gentile” to reveal who I was!

While I was hanging on the cross, bruised and battered beyond recognition, what were the religious people doing? They were cursing at Me and wagging their heads in disgust! “How could this man tear down and rebuild our precious, lovely, holy temple? If you be the Son of God, come down from the cross!!” they cried. They did not know I was there for them!

While the chief priests and scribes started in mocking and jeering, all the time the pain was so intense, I kept focused on My Father.

They said, “If He is the King of Israel, let Him come down from the cross! Then we will believe you!!” Again, I know why I AM there and what must happen.

They continued mocking Me and My Father, saying, “You trusted in Him – let Him save you! After all, you said you were His Son!!”

After the Lord had allowed me to see what He looked like and take it all in, He then let me hear all of the people who were yelling and shouting at him. I could not understand the language they were speaking, but I could tell that they were cursing and mocking and so full of anger and hatred towards Him. The people were all behind me, and I did not turn to see them, but I heard and knew all the shouting was coming from them behind me. Then I began to see rocks and sticks being thrown from behind me flying right past me and were hitting Him! They kept coming, whizzing by me and hitting Him. It was so horrible to witness this as they hit Him over and over and over with these rocks.

I saw the guards in front of me walking around back and forth, keeping the people back and from getting too close. I heard dogs running around and barking. I could hear people crying and sobbing. I could hear and tell that there were many people behind me in the crowd.

My son, the pain was so intense, I could hardly catch My breath! Then the darkness came! All of a sudden, I was alone!!! My Father had turned His back on Me!!! In sheer pain and agony, I cried out, “My God! My God! Why have You forsaken Me??!!!”

I watched Him in unimaginable total and complete pain and agony while He struggled to breathe! He let me see how He had to use His legs to push Himself up against His feet in order to rise up just to get a little breath. At one point, He allowed me to carefully watch Him do this, and I was able to clearly hear Him gasping for breath, it was like a wheezing sound, like it was so hard for Him to barely get any air in.

When the darkness came, it happened very quickly, almost instantaneously. I heard people screaming and crying out and running away in fear. One minute there was shouting and mocking, and the next it all became quiet, and all I heard was weeping and sobbing. He allowed me at one point to specifically hear John and His mother Mary, both were weeping and John was quietly speaking to her. I was also weeping with them.

For three hours, I hung there in the most severe pain imaginable! Most people have left now – only a few guards and My beloved John and My mother (and some other women afar off) remained.

The blood was now flowing in My eyes, burning them, as I could do nothing to wipe them. My blood was now drained, and I cried out, “IT IS FINISHED!!!”

I witnessed the moment when He cried out, “It is finished!” He pushed Himself up as far as He could with His legs against His feet and took in as large a breath as He could so He could cry it out as he exhaled his last breath. His head fell and hung down with that, and IMMEDIATELY the earth shook violently! I saw everything shaking and falling over and heard everything rumbling and cracking and falling. I heard people screaming and falling down. The shaking knocked everyone off their feet, and they could not get up. I saw the four or five guards around the cross all fall down, and the cross was shaking back and forth in the ground.

To me, observing this, it was hard to tell, but the shaking seemed to last about 2 minutes. When it was over and the guards were able to get up off the ground, I saw and heard the centurion exclaim, “Truly, this was the Son of God!”

The vision then ended, and I was back in my room writing in my book.

My son, “it took a Gentile” to state the truth – saying, “Truly, this was the Son of God!” (Matt. 27:54)

My people saw Me die that day, and to this day, very few (of them) believe I AM the Son of God! In fact, under these evil Noahide laws, if you confess that, you will break the first law, and by the Sanhedrin and Talmud, you will be beheaded!

My Father and I had a plan. Since the Jews are blind, We will go to the ones who recognized I was the Son of God – the Gentiles! Blessed are those whose eyes are open and whose hearts are filled with My Spirit!!


I AM COMING SOON!! You are the generation that will meet Me in the clouds!! I AM COMING VERY SOON – I PROMISE!!! Just be ready and have your house in order!!!

Your Messiah Jesus


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  1. Good Friday- April 19, 2019 (5779)
    I look forward to being with YOU in Heaven- “ONE NEW MANKIND” comprised of both “JEW & GENTILE” !!!

  2. Frank

    This was foretold in Psalm22!

  3. Martin S.

    Oh my Lord! What more can we say about what you suffered for us! Your great love for us nailed you to a cross and kept you on the cross until redemption was complete. The physical pain combined with the separation from your Father for the first time in eternity is the human mind. Oh what great love you have for us! All I can say is glory to your Name.! Forgive us for our callousness , our sin , our busyness with the things of this world.

  4. Ambassador

    Thank you, Jesus. I love you.

  5. Catherine

    In 1986 I was only some weeks born again and I visited a bible study in a home. When the others begun to pray, I didn’t know how to pray. Suddenly I saw myself under the cross of Jesus cleaning the floor of the blood. Then I saw a ladder between heaven and earth, Angels and people went up and down and I saw my family. We were saved. I don’t remember, if I saw all this with open or closed eyes. In the End the leader of the bible study, who didn’t know, what I saw, said to me: The Lord says, He will bless you! I didn’t really understand, what it meant.

    I had many visions, I saw Jesus, I saw the devil, I heard the voice of God, I flew with the speed of light and so many other things but the biggest miracle was: I was a shy young woman of 30 in this time. The Lord set me free and led me to preach with a thunder voice in many cities and villages in Switzerland about Endtime, His second coming, etc. I know, I’m still in the beginning, waiting for more.

    There is power in the blood of Jesus. I wish, we could finally understand, what does it mean. Many years ago the churches sung: there is power, power, wonderworking power in the blood of the Lamb….Today they don’t sing it anymore, they have Rap, Hip-Hop, etc. and so they lost the power.
    Thank you Jesus for the blood.

  6. Roberta Scholten

    Thank you, Brother Byron, for sharing this witness. The unspeakable brutality rendered to our LORD, yet He submitted to it willingly. The Father breaking the link between Father and Son – this was the “trigger” for Him to lay down His life for us. Such great love – there are no words. And now Gentiles mock Him, spit on Him, and blaspheme His Holy Name just as His kinsmen did and still do. Yet, He forgives… Shame and shame be upon us. Repent. Repent. Repent.

  7. Welle

    i was in you i was in him : Byron Searle

  8. sophie

    Wow, and to think that most take His sacrifice so lightly! How horribly disfigured He was and yet He didn’t sin. He did this all for us! Thank You so much Yahushua. Forever grateful and I will not take it lightly ever! You gave your all for me and I give you my love, my heart, my soul.
    If this doesn’t make you teary eyed or crying, then what can I say? Heart of stone then.

  9. sophie

    thank you Byron for this vision and that must have been hard to see. I can’t even imagine. My apologies to you also for following what I was told awhile back and Please forgive me. I don’t know your email address so had to write it here.

    Just so you know Someone else named Erin from Sparrowcloud9 had a similar vision a long time ago like the one you just had.

    Your vision is on

    • Byron Searle

      Ms Sophie, of course I forgive you. We love you so very much and the work you are doing for our Lord Jesus. Please forgive me for anything I may have done to cause offence, I am here only to serve my Lord and King Jesus. God bless you.

      • sophie

        You are forgiven but I really can’t even remember what all this was totally about in the beginning except I was put in the middle of things I should not have been put in. It was quite an awful time. So looking back, I see it was not you but the other person(s). Just keep pressing forward to reach the prize and glad this is resolved. You really did not do any wrong towards me personally. I no longer let people put me in the middle of their own issues with others. Good lesson learned.

      • Brian Orlovsky

        Brother Byron,
        Thank you so much for sharing! (BTW: I keep a folder of ALL your prophecies for the past 2 years)
        The Lord had you bring things back to reality: Many of us, myself included, recognized Yeshua’s Sacrifice, but seem to forget that that only Man can conceive of the Evil against another. Saying that the Savior was treated cruelly is just fluffing over the actual scene. The reality of His Precious Blood, the Whip marks, as you say, to look upon a bunch of hamburger meat that still lived on. The Romans were infamous for exacting as much pain as possible.! From the Nails going through the nerve centers between th wrist and palm of the hand,, the way the spike was placed to secure his feet. All designed for the pain and for a death most of the time by drowning.
        “It took a Gentile” brought the harshest of realities to mind that TV or Movies could ever show. If the Lord did not show His great Love on that day, then this world has really sank into the depths of delusion! It brought tears too my eyes.
        Again, thank Yo Brother Byron, for putting into words that which the mind has trouble conceiving
        May the Lord Bless you fully!.

      • Matthew

        Hello Byron, thank you for sharing this vision and word. I would also like to say that it was unusually cold in Australia last winter (just like you said) and unusually hot last summer (just like you said). God bless you!

        • Byron Searle

          Hello Matt, that was why the Lord said a goose will cook in the south. There is a fellow brother down there that has come against me but God being full of love was telling him that it was going to be excessively hot in Australia this summer. But he only looked at it with carnal eyes and said I was cursing him. He is goose777, and I love that guy, he may get it wrong but we all do sometimes. God bless you for having spiritual eyes not carnal.

  10. John Ashcraft

    Palm Sabbath to Wednesday Passover to Resurrection Sunday. Palm Sunday did not occur until late 300-400 CE.
    Jewish Jesus keeps the Sabbaths of Leviticus 23 tied to Gen 1:14 Wednesday and the 4th candle is called the Christ candle or Servant Candle so to say it was in 33 CE on Sunday/Friday breaks Daniel 9:27 in the midst of which was 4000 years from Creation (Wednesday) in 30 CE (Wednesday) on Passover (Wednesday) and also breaks the Menorah found in Gen 1:1 in the Hebrew, the 7 days of the week, the Feasts of the Lord, and Revelation 7 churches. God does not change Christians so don’t go changing times and seasons to teach man made traditions like Palm Sunday and Good Friday or you burn in the lake of fire and brimstone for eternity.

  11. Brian Orlovsky

    What is missing, like this isn’t enough, is that when the Centurion pierced the Lord’s side, the Blood & Water flowed out and congealed at the bottom of the Cross. Then, when the ground quaked,a fissure formed right beneath the Cross Hole and dripped onto the Mercy Seat of the Ark of the Covenant.
    This was discovered by Dr. Ron Wyatt in 1982. The cross was placed 20 feet above the cavern that hides the 1st Temple’s most sacred pieces, including the word of Goliath.
    Dr. Wyatt took samples to a lab in Jerusalem, and had them run the blood in saline for 72 hours, and it became reanimated. The lab was able to determine the Chromosomal Count which was 24. 23 from Mary and 1 “Y” Chromosome from the Holy Spirit.
    Brother Byron, I know that you had this in at least one of your Prophecies within the past year!
    For those curious, go to

    • Brian Orlovsky

      Just a quick correction: At the nd of Paragraph 1, it should read the Sword of Goliath.
      To further reference the Articles of the 1st Temple, see 2 Maccabees 2:1-7.

  12. Len Hummel

    Brother Byron, such a powerful and heartbreaking vision. I shared it also on my fb wall. VERY powerful. Truly brings tears of almost overwhelming grief to the eyes and heart any Spirit-born child. WE ARE SO ETERNALLY GRATEFUL TO YOU, Lord Yeshuah, for Your awesome work of redemption and salvation for Your people. YOU took the punishment for *our* sins. Blessing and glory and honor and power to You forever and ever! Amen.

  13. Matthew

    I once wondered how it would have been possible to willingly die in such a way. Surely the answer is love … Jesus’ love for each one of us, to pay the price for our sins, so that we can be with him forever.

    “Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” John 15:13

  14. Matthew

    Jesus Messiah!

  15. Matthew

    Amazing grace!

  16. John Ashcraft

    I was there on the day it happened but I would not find out until 2019 that I had died of old age back then but this time around, I came back to get beheaded on Pentecost. In 2016 Passover Sedar Meal after watch clips of Mel Gibson video on YHVH’s death, I cried for 30 minutes for I have autism and am a Shotim. I have seen parts of my other lifetime in dreams and visions but did not have the understanding until now for I have a slow processing speed.

  17. ianbasilkibet

    Hey.Byron Searle. I have been greatly moved by your vision. Can I share it on my blog. I’ll provide a link to the original article

  18. Thank you

  19. Daniel David

    Dear Byron,

    I caution you not to paint with a broad brush that appears to be bigoted. Was John the Beloved not a Jew? Were Mary Magdelene and Jesus’ mother Mary not Jewish. Weren’t they His disciples? Weren’t they sitting at the feet of Jesus under that bloody Cross? How about the other apostles: Were they not Jewish too? Didn’t Peter say Jesus was the Christ? Didn’t all His inner circle say he was truly the Son of God.

    Just because the multitudes were only in on the giveaways and discarded Him when His teachings didn’t suit them, doesn’t negate that Jeshua was a Jew, a rabbi Who came to fulfill the Law and the prophets. His early followers were mostly Jews for God’s sake. Just because the hypocrite religious leaders, in collusion with the Roman Empire, sentenced Him to death, and the crowds cried to crucify Him, doesn’t negate all the Jewish men and women who received and believed in Him. God bless that Centurion for recognizing the Son of God – most didn’t.

    But God forbid you don’t want to honor His chosen people also. Gentile so-called Christians are no better than the religious Jews back in His time. Most of the masses in the churches don’t know Jesus at all. They have their own fellowships as opposed to joining the only congregation mentioned in Scripture – The Fellowship of God’s Sufferings. The religious hierarchies go through the motions of rites and rituals that have nothing to do with Jesus. The King of all kings will say He does not know them when He returns.

    The pastors and priests are as complicit in Jesus’ death as were the Sanhedrin. They kill Him afresh with their hypocrisy and blasphemy, building fortune and fame in Jesus’ good name, ready to kill for their distorted version of His Way, Truth and Life. These are the empire builders bowing to Babylon the Great Whore in heart, soul and mind. Mystery Babylon, the Mother of abominations, is the Catholic Church. Her harlot daughters are the protestant denominations. Jesus says: “Come out of her My people.” I would heed His message.

    Anyone who believes in them better repent of their foolishness. The words in your ‘prophecy’ are sure to incite anti-Semitism, Sir. I don’t deny that you had a revelation. But interpretation is an entirely different thing. If you do not have wisdom and understanding in His Word, you are surely going to filter God’s message through your very fallible and fatuous mind. You cannot be a pure vessel and see God clearly if your heart is not pure – filled with hate or prejudice or any other unclean spirit. If you are not led by the Holy Spirit your messages will mislead people into all sorts of ungodly beliefs and actions.

    I don’t know your heart, Mr. Searle. Maybe I’m missing something. Maybe you don’t really intend to be saying that “it took a gentile” to see the real Jesus, that he was the only one to recognize Him as God’s only begotten Son. Obviously seeing Jesus on that Cross is an impactful event. God bless you for your vision and your compassion. What an awful scene, an abominable death.

    I’ve seen the Son of man on that Cross as well. It is gut-wrenching and heart-breaking. Thank you and bless you, Lord. In closing, I would like to let you know that I write this letter to you and all else who have eyes to see, ears to hear and hearts to understand, as a son whose mother is of Jewish origin and whose father is of Roman bloodlines. I am both a gentile and a Jew, someone who is coming from both sides, remembering and reconciling the two, walking down the narrow path that leads straight to the kingdom.

    I am living up in the mountains of His Holiness, seeing from a very clear perspective – God’s. I don’t write to diminish you in any way but to illuminate your error. I wish you well, Mr. Searle, in your continued learning of Him. I pray with all your getting, you get understanding of God’s perfect will and way. Amen-Amen. God bless you, today and always.

    Shalom, Selah and Ciao,

    Daniel David Lattarulo

  20. Graham

    hello Daniel David you might want to use the true names rather than the false names

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