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I Will Soon Make A Separation Between The Living Dead & The Living! – Humbled for Service


I Will Soon Make A Separation Between The Living Dead & The Living!

March 22, 2021 7:49 AM
Humbled for Service
Psalm 139: 14

14 I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
Marvelous are Your works,
And that my soul knows very well.

I had a short but very interesting dream this morning the 22nd March 2021 at about 3:00 AM East African Standard Time. A dream that I believe is from the Lord in which He spoke the above Word.

The dream is thus:

It was just an ordinary day, perhaps in the morning hours. The sky was clear and the sun was out and bright. I do not know exactly which place this was. The surroundings were not familiar at all.

I was standing right in the middle of a road or highway. I was looking straight into the entrance of a building. A multi-story office complex maybe 8 or so floors. And the entrance of this building was coming to the road where I was standing, so that I was facing directly at the entrance of this building. This building entrance was about 50 feet (20 meters) away from me. And the dream started with me just standing and observing the entrance of this building.
Suddenly, the main entrance door of this building opened and a lady came out. She was average in size, not thin and not small either. Healthy looking and with a strong body structure. Perhaps 25 years old or thereabout. She was dressed casually in jeans trousers, a light blue blouse and she had a black jacket on. Her hair was straightened and pulled to the back. She looked just like any normal healthy young lady.

She walked out of the building and came straight towards me. When she got to the edge of the road, she looked this way, and then the other way in order take precaution as is normal before crossing a road. As she looked this way and that way, I observed that she was smiling a little bit. She had a demeanor of contentment, and I knew by special knowing that she had just received “the jab”.

After checking this way and that way, and confirming that it was safe to cross the road, she jumped in and now started coming even closer to exactly where I was. And as she was now getting very close to me, the Lord said:



These are the exact Words. Very shocking and profound Words.

The dream ended and I woke up.


God’s Charge against Israel:

Hosea 4: 6 – 7

6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.
Because you have rejected knowledge,
I also will reject you from being priest for Me;
Because you have forgotten the law of your God,
I also will forget your children.

7 “The more they increased,
The more they sinned against Me;
I will change their glory into shame.


My beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, receive this very serious and shocking message.

Let us all be cautious about the times we are in.

Let us be found constantly in prayer, praying that the Lord will direct our steps away from the snares that are now before us all. And the snares are many now. Let us also be praying to be accounted worthy to escape the things that soon befall the earth. The Rapture of the Church is now here with us. Be expectant of it and be found ready!


Your brother in Christ,

From Nairobi, Kenya.

William, servant of Jesus Christ the Messiah and King of kings.


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