Watchmen, Judgment, Prophecy

“I Am Coming Get Ready!” – Byron Searle

By Byron Searle

Ezekiel 33:1-9

My son, today I sent out the word to my watchmen, “I Am Coming – Get Ready!” My watchmen who heard My cry must sound the alarm. They must blow the trumpet to all this nation and to the world. What – you think you are the only nation with My watchmen? No, I have a remnant all around the world who bow their knee to only Me and hear My voice. Today I set a marker in time. Today I have blown the Trumpet of Judgement, and I say to My watchmen and remnant, “I Am Coming – Get Ready!”

This world is ready to explode with My fury and fire! Sound the alarm! The judgments are here, and no one is prepared for what is coming. I have tried to shake the church awake, but they go back to sleep. I have tried to wake My church by sending hurricanes, but they went back to sleep. I have tried to wake the church with My prophets, but the church would rather believe the lying prophets that speak of peace and safety in this world.

My son, I Am Coming – Get Ready! Blow the trumpet! Warn My people, for when I come, I am coming to judge a nation whose sins have polluted the heavens. All My watchmen should be on their knees, listening to my instruction instead of seeing what others are saying.

I Am Coming Soon – Get Ready! Put your armor on and pick up the sword that you have allowed to get rusty! The armor I gave you in Ephesians 6, PUT IT ON! Get ready – the battle has begun! My remnant and My watchmen will be under heavy attack, but you have on the armor, you have my word, “Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.” I Am Coming Soon – Get Ready! is My battle cry! Shout it out to everyone! Be the watchman I called you to be!!

My son, while the battle rages over the souls of this world, I am pouring out My Spirit to fill all those who call upon My Name. This revival flood is beginning now and will not last long, for I Am Coming Soon – Get Ready! My daughter Christina has heard My voice, and the mighty revival will begin in this nation. It will spread like fire across this land, then will everyone hear, “I Am Coming Soon – Get Ready!” Watchmen – Be Watchmen! Do not sleep on duty! Do not be as the church! Stand your ground! Shout it out loud! HE IS COMING – GET READY!!! Amen.
Messiah Jesus

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