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House of Desolation – Byron Searle

Given to Byron Searle
House of Desolation
Jer. 22:1-6

My son, I have shown you how America will become a house of desolation. The king has become a sore upon the backs of the people who made him king. As I said to you before, he is not hearing My voice but is only hearing the voices that surround him. The false prophets and corrupt advisors have led the king away from Me and will now face the consequences of those fleshly decisions.

My son, I told you months ago that the reign of this king would only be evil, and the voices he hears are advising him down a path of destruction and desolation. My people who are still asleep, worship this man and say he was put there to bring blessings and to bring about a moral change. You blind, foolish people!! I put that man, Trump, in the position to bring about judgment on this land and up on My house. You think he is a man of peace, yet I know he is a man of pride, and his pride will bring war. The sin of this nation is great, yet this king has made it clear he will not change anything to bring this nation to repentance.

I will make this land and My house desolate. I will bring the lukewarm people to their knees, and I will use whomever I will use. Trump is but an instrument I will use to bring about the fire of judgement on a stiff-necked and haughty people. My people, who are called by My name WILL NOT humble themselves, they will not repent, they will not turn from sin, so I will bring down My weapon of indignation to show the world, I AM GOD!! I hold all things in My hands, and the time is now for judgment to rain down as the stench in my nostrils is more putrid than vomit!

I am coming soon and with Me the right hand of fire and power to cleanse this nation. I will decrease America and raise up My People Israel. You can now worship your king and reap what you have sown. Be still My son, and hear My voice for I am weighing down on My Remnant – be ready to rise.
Shalom, Father

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