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God HATES it When You Divide HIS Land ISRAEL – Jeff Byerly

God HATES it When You Divide HIS Land ISRAEL

August 18, 2020 6:43 AM
Jeff Byerly
Holyspiritwind Youtube Channel

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  1. Hélène

    Dommage, pas de transcription, pas de possibilités de savoir avec la traduction automatique du texte.

  2. David Lockett

    Agree we are in trouble if we divide his land,and looking like gonna happen,all I can say be pray up and close to God!!!

  3. Jack

    I’m sorry, I am deaf and cannot listen to videos. Is there an alternative to this video??

  4. ivan dimitrov

    Mr Net: No..actually WHAT ANOTHERS IS TO BELEVE TO US-

  5. Brandon


    Il parle sur l’accord Abraham ou l’Israel et l’Emirates Arabes Unis a signé pour normaliser le relation entre les deux. Selon Jared Kushner Israel a accepté de permis la création d’une Etat Palestine dan le map et dans le futur Il va pas de continuer san consentement pour échange des territoires, pour avoir négociation. Est-ce qu’il na pas des articles/journal en français qui parle sur ça?

  6. Hear the word of the Lord given to Wendi Lee regarding the division…

    Papa Received 10 December 2017

    Sweet Child of Mine, write Papa’s Prophetic Words as you My Child I have anointed to be My Mouthpiece saith the End All and Be All of All Life, saith the Great I AM that appeared to Moses in the burning bush, saith the Father of All Things for My Glory. Write My Child. Are you being diligent in My Holy Son Yeshua? Do you yearn for His Presence to be upon you through My Ruach HaKodesh? Are you able to do anything in your own strength? Do you die to your flesh and allow My Spirit to strengthen your inner man? My Son is Your Truth My Child. The world wants you to indulge in its fornications against Me and some who say that I have sent them, I have sent them not. Do not listen to man. How much has Father and My Son Yeshua been warning about My Judgment coming? How much has Me and My Son written through Our Chosen Mouthpieces about judgment coming to Babylon America? Father and My Son Yeshua have been pleading with Our Children to be prepared, to get ready. We have made it abundantly clear that We do what We do and when We will do for your good, that We Elohim God adore each one of you and to have eternal life you must turn to My Son Yeshua. Yes America has begun to admit My Jerusalem is My Capital of My Israel, however, My Children this is not all going to be for My Jerusalem and Israel. Did not your president America still admit he is for dividing My Land? While this is written, I know the betrayal that will come against My Israel. Father will rain His Mighty Fires upon the betrayer, that will be you O America Babylon. Do not get caught up in this My Children for I see and know all that no one else sees, not even the enemy. I AM The Creator of All, you cannot do anything that escapes My All Seeing Eye. I AM the redeemer of My Children and yes Father uses My People to say and to speak My Mysteries just as I used Paul and My Other Apostles. You try to convince My Son’s Children that they are not good enough to stay saved by My Son’s Innocent and Perfect Blood. Woe to you those who reap this other Gospel, this wormy fruit, this is Not what My Son crucified Himself for, for self righteous saints to condemn other saints when you yourself have not asked Me Your Father of Righteousness? How is it that you may gain back your salvation when I AM the All Knowing God Jehovah Elohim and have chosen you for you have not chosen Me? Read My Word for My Son said “It is Finished”! Papa God Yahweh has spoken.

  7. km

    Scripture already stated the gentiles would tread for a time. The ones ruling there right now are not real joos anyway…

  8. Sunny


    you can watch that video on youtube and then turn the subtitles on.
    God bless you

  9. Virginia

    Gentile Jews in the land. Rev 2:9; rev 3:9

  10. Virginia

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the deep state, satanic Illuminati blood line set off a underwater missile explosion, just to create a big fake earth quake.this will create an illusion that this happened because the land was divided.wake up people of Christ.this land is not real israel. There was no such thing as the be middle east in the a rather new term to deceive u into no believing that this is northeast Africa

  11. TM


    Comment activer la traduction automatique sur YouTube

  12. virginia

    satan has built a counterfeit christianity and has exchanged out God chosen people. you know them as african american. i know this because they would wake up to who they are in the land of there captivity. now you can keep believing that those jews are the real ones and find yourself in hell. there are plenty of people being paid to preach these lies. please start reading the old testament and apocrypha. some prophecies have yet to come to pass. the bible was never divided up. this was done by man to deceive the masses and to keep you in the new testament mostly.

    see brother dana Stevens, 7 trumphet preppers. brother Robert Callahan you tube channels. these are gentiles that Yeshua has allowed to know the truth. be bless saints

    rev 2:9, rev 3:9

  13. Hélène

    J’ai trouvé une vidéo en français qui parle de cet accord qui n’est pas finalisé pour l’instant, l’enseignant dit que cela sera “l’antichrist” lui-même qui signera cet accord définitif, cela après le départ de D.Trump.

  14. Joelina


    You said it’s NOT true that Abraham is the father of all three world religions, the Christians, Jews and Moslems. But he IS indeed.

    Be blessed!

  15. MIVAS

    No, Joeline, Jeff is right, because Islam was brought by Palestinians who are descendants of the devil, not Abraham. They are among those whom Jesus said their father was the devil. (John 8:44).

  16. Luc


    Joelina says the truth.

    Abraham > Isaak > Jacob = Jews & Christians

    Abraham > Ismael = Islam

    The scripture you mention talks about the spiritual decent.

    God bless

  17. MIVAS

    Abraham is the father of all nations, but not all religions, because religion evolved from God’s law in parallel with the development of the nation of Israel. As a religion, we can only talk about Judaism and Christianity, which came from Judaism. As a religion, a relationship with God based on God’s Word, one can really only speak of Judaism and Christianity, because it was brought to God’s people by the greatest Old Testament prophet, Moses. Islam originated artificially about 600 after the beginning of Christianity and its author are Palestinians – Philistines, snake tribes. So Jesus himself told one of the visionaries, which I read here at But I don’t remember who it was anymore.
    Islam is not a religion, but an ideology that arose from the use and misuse of Torah texts and their distortion to Satan’s goals at one point long after both true religions and was spread by God’s opponent Muhammad. It did not arise from God’s will, because God’s will cannot be an Islam competing with Judaism and Christianity, which did not arise from God’s will, but from the will of the people. It is hard to imagine that God of His own free will gave rise to a religion that contradicts what He passed on to His people through His Prophet Moses, while striving for all to be One.
    So it is nonsense to think that it originated from God’s will and that it is a religion at all.
    Think about it.

  18. tom

    While we respect Israels right to exist and support Israel; Why do American Christians such as John Hagee worship political zionism which is a supremacist antichrist ideology with theological foundations rooted in the talmud. Baruch Levy, a close associate of Karl Marx, elaborated on this ideology in further detail.

    The Jewish people taken collectively shall be its own Messias…In this new organization of humanity, the sons of Israel now scattered over the whole surface of the globe…shall everywhere become the ruling element without opposition…

    “The government of the nations forming the Universal or World-Republic shall all thus pass, without any effort, into Jewish hands thanks to the victory of the proletariat….Thus shall the promise of the Talmud be fulfilled, that, when the Messianic epoch shall have arrived, the Jews will control the wealth of all the nations of the earth.

    The Jewish people taken collectively shall be its own Messiah.” Judaism’s Kabbala explains that the Holy Serpent is the one who shall uplift the Jewish nation to godhood. That will be their attainment of the Jewish Utopia. Then will come the Day of Purification, when the riches and treasures of the whole world shall be given to the Jews, and the Holy Serpent shall deal with the Gentiles. Gentiles who renounce their idols (Jesus and Mohammed are both considered “idols” by the Talmud and Kaballa) and agree to serve the Jewish Masters as slaves shall be spared. All others will be killed by beheading.

    As for the Jews, as human gods, they will rule and reign on earth. The Holy Serpent who so generously rewarded the Jews will leave and go on to other stars and planets.

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