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Global Cataclysm – Альберт Энштейн


Global Cataclysm

December 4, 2021 1:05 PM
Альберт Энштейн


Sorry for my language mistakes, i’m from Russia.

Today i have a scary dream, about global cataclysm.
I’m not the one, who usually looking for any predictions or something about Nibiru, aliens or changing of Earth poles.
Sometime my dreams become true, or something happen that i really know that i’ve already seen in my dreams.
However this is not regular for me.

This dream was about very realistic and unusual tsunami wave.
I woke up in cold sweat, deeply breathing.
For many time i haven’t similar emotions.
I’ve noted my dream and then started to search for information about similar situations.
I’ve find russian-languaged resource bestiarius.d3.ru
They’ve got many articles, some of them are about similar dreams.
They oftenly point on you as a source.



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