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Get out of Danger as the Lord directs! – Trinidadwarrior777

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Get out of Danger as the Lord directs!

July 18, 2021 1:36 AM

Just woke from a startling Vision dream at 1:26am 7-18-2021. From a loud Siren/Alarm 🚨 sound
I heard an automated Womens voice saying:

Emergency broadcast System Activate… Activate…Warning! Activate.

During the blackout all G—5’s Will Activate.

I then recalled my old dream from before 2018 of the Mark of the Beast in healthcare where there was a power failure and these Zombies were turned with a push of a button from green to Red. I feel strongly if there is a 3 days of Darkness event that involves a massive Power outage (Darkness covering the Beast Kingdom so to speak ;ALL under the influence of the V 💀might turn on each others families.

People currently living in The midst of these Vacciners become the main targets.

Im so shaken up right now. All I know is if there is a. massive power grid shutdown no one can call for help. I have no doubt if a Grid test is being scheduled the 2nd Seal will open and chaos will reign like the movie Purge but far more extreme. Gods people are not the only ones keeping up on prophecies.

When they plan to come Door to Door in September they may be checking for survivors instead of who still needs their shots. Im unable to fall back asleep after this … Im not sure how to process this.

Please pray about it and Get out of Danger as the Lord directs ! With Love Trinidadwarrior777

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