German Cologne Cathedral Collapsing – Lucian Lorenz

German Cologne Cathedral Collapsing

Dec 17, 2019 10:46 PM
Lucian Lorenz
Hello, I would like to share a dream or vision that I had in early autumn 2018. I would prefer not to use my name please. Thank you. I am not a Christian yet, but I am looking for God and I have had many dreams very precisely! with dreams and visions shared on your side and so I found this page too. I was really led I feel. I have also been dreams or visions that have come true in the past. Lately I’ve been also seeing numbers: 11, 88 and 66 that keep coming up in different places and I think it could be a Message from God. Now to my dream or visions as you like to call it.

Cologne Cathedral:


Cologne Cathedral collapses
Unfortunately I can hardly or remember the first part of the dream but this is not really important for the larger part I think. The dream was one of the most realistic to the touch I’ve ever had and it went on for a relatively long time. I was in Cologne (Cologne is near to my City where i live) in W. Germany right near the catholic cathedral and the square in front of it. It looked like I was standing on a roof and there was a small group of people with me with them. We sneaked and hid on one of the roofs and below us on the cathedral square in front of the church were crowds of people. This is usually only the case for really important major events such as when the Pope comes to visit or the like. It was really masses. Suddenly it looked like we had been discovered and at exactly the same moment there was a massive shock (an earthquake?) And you could hardly keep your balance. The masses started to panic and quickly ran away from the cathedral. Suddenly I was no longer on the roof of the house but as on the square below. I look up towards the cathedral and see how the whole cathedral moves. It begins to lean slightly towards the square in front of me. At that moment I realize how BIG this church is and I just think: “Oh oh … get out of here immediately!” (like something in a movie). I run after the others or something, but I don’t really know anymore. First the two pointed towers – so incredibly realistic – collapsed and a short time later the rest of the front part of the cathedral tipped into the city. Really!
It didn’t just collapse, it tipped into the city. I saw people panicking through the streets, some falling and houses, streets, trees, lanterns … everything wobbled strongly. Facades were beginning to crumble, streets were tearing open, cars were shaking, and things were coming down from many houses. It should have been a cold season, which was evident from the clothes. Then I saw the adjoining large river “Rhine” and bridges. It looked like people fled to the other side of the river far away from the cathedral but I’m not sure. But it looked like several perspectives. Then in the city I saw the cathedral or large parts of the cathedral in the city, very close or almost toppling through myself without getting a single scratch. I was so incredibly relieved because I thought that I would be dead every moment when the cathedral hit me. Now the cathedral was lying across the city in front of me and there were debris and people everywhere. It was a little darker now than I had before. I don’t know what caused this little darkness. What I saw could very possibly have been an earthquake since Cologne and thus the cathedral is located in one or even the most dangerous earthquake regions in Germany, the so-called “Rheingraben”. It is only a minor fault that rarely causes larger earthquakes. However, there have been rare earthquakes in the past thousands of years. However, some prophecies predict major earthquakes and “geological changes” for this endangered region in Cologne. Larger earthquakes in this region would actually only be expected unless there would be greater activity worldwide, which would also lead to the smaller faultd and thus the “Reihngraben” in West Germany becoming more active. Larger earthquakes in the world could activate this region in West Germany as prophecies say. According to these, Stringer earthquakes and the pole shift are also supposed to cause this minor disturbance, which leads to a whole crack system that stretches across Western Europe from Gibraltar to Norway. So far it is still dormant. The cathedral itself is monitored around the clock by earthquakes and, according to experts, significant structural damage can only be expected from a strength of 6.5-7.0. During the measurements, these show that the two pointed towers are most at risk in stronger quakes (they also collapsed first in my dream). So in short: From 6.5 it becomes critical for this big cathedral.
But experts say: “It only happens every few thousand years, so …” Yes, they have no idea what is coming or do not count on God. What may be important to mention. In recent decades, Cologne Cathedral has been threatened by acid rain, which decomposes the sandstone and makes the cathedral porous. It therefore takes 11 million euros annually to maintain the cathedral, as it would otherwise fall apart by itself. I think that could possibly be an additional burden in the event of an earthquake. In the dream I also felt sadness and bewilderment at what had just happened and it felt like I was in other time or so. I also felt a cloudiness in the world. It looked like a time of bigger trouble. I didn’t have this feeling in any other dream. I also felt a year or so that I knew, but I didn’t see or remember a year. But I could feel a year and it felt like somewhere between 2020-2026. It was rather low numbers and 2’s and 0’s. It could even have been 2020 but that would be speculation. In any case, the whole thing didn’t feel far away, but it wasn’t extremely close either. It seemed close to me but not extremely close like other dreams i had. At the very end of the dream I saw crumbling skyscrapers falling down, but it looked like a different city and a little different. Maybe that matters. The pictures are still in my head because they looked so real.
Even a very short video (is it a fun video of a crazy with crazy ideas or something) in German (maybe a two sentences) is on YouTube which I after the dream! and which shows almost 1:1 the collapse of the two towers of the cathedral, as I saw it in my dream. When I saw the video I immediately felt the pictures and the situation from the dream as I saw them. My whole body was shaking. A cold shiver ran down my back. This video at least really reflects the collapse of the towers (0:17) exactly as I saw it. Link to the Video: https://youtu.be/niLBRkqu-2g
I also did some research, but unfortunately there is little confirmation of what happens to this cathedral and whether anything happens to it. However, there are a few European prophecies about the city of Cologne and the cathedral that the city is to be badly destroyed, that the Russians will wage the last battle there in World War 3 and that the Pope will flee to Cologne and crown the new king or emperor there. With regard to the Pope, there are others where the “Beast” is also called. You might be able to confirm the earthquake (if it was an earthquake) that I saw.
Andreas Rill. 1914 “The ruling Pope will be at the peace treaty … He comes to Cologne, where he finds only a pile of rubble”
Mrs. Landinger, 1957 “The animal wanted to lick the Rhine (The River) with its tongue, but could not reach it. Then he wanted to embrace Cologne, but the archbishop blessed the city with a double cross. Then the animal tongue became lame, it roared, and the earth shook”
One more thing: When I recently saw a video about the history and construction of Cologne Cathedral on YouTube (there ja many videos of it) and then scrolled into the comment section, it said: 11. comments. I’ve been seeing this number for weeks. 11. Cell phone battery, yesterday evening (0:11) and in so many other places without me paying attention. I always see it accidentally.
Just as I look at the clock as I write this here it says: 4:11.
 I know that was a bit long but I also wanted to include all the details. I hope you could read it anyway. Many thanks. If you have any confirmations or want to add something, feel free.
God bless you all and greetings from germany

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