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Gene Enhancement – Ruth Smith

Gene Enhancement – Ruth Smith

Mar 11, 2019, 5:38 AM

Please take what I am sharing here to the Lord in prayer:

Few months ago (about in October, 2018 ), I saw a Tecent video with the title :’Jack Ma said that the mobile phone will disappear, as long as a small chip is implanted in the hand, the palm will be the mobile phone in the future ’.

After watching this video, I started to pray Jack Ma’s salvation, but immediately, I heard this clearly: “Do not pray for him.”

I was shocked. A few day later, I prayed for Jack Ma again, then again, immediately, I heard this very clearly and also very severe: “Do not pray for him, even though you pray for him, I will not listen. But you can pray for his families.”

I asked the Lord, why is this? The Lord said:”He is no longer the human I created, He has accepted ‘Gene Enhancement’ and his DNA is no longer the human I created.

Now, many elites of this world have embraced this’ Gene Enhancement ‘ technology. Those who have accepted this technology have become a hybrid, have sealed their eternity forever and cannot be redeemed.”凡接受了基因增强技术的%ef%bc%8c不能再被救赎了-ruth-smith/

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  1. Dana K. Brown

    Who Is Jack Ma? Obama, Trump or someone else?

  2. Hélène

    Il est le PDG d’”Ali Baba” le plus grand site de vente en ligne de Chine.

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