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France is going to have its back broken this year – Agapé Polis

France is going to have its back broken this year

Feb 24, 2022 3:24 AM
Agapé Polis

Hello, I share with you some dreams that I received

Dream of January 3, 2022: I dreamed that I was in my parents’ room, at home. I look out the window. Outside there is a storm. It is raining in torrents and the wind is so strong that the branches of the trees bend. The ground is covered with large puddles of water and I can’t see very far because of the amount of rain.
I see that the light is on at my neighbors on the 1st floor. I do not see anyone .

dream of February 21, 2022:

I dreamed that I was with my brother in the living room, he asked me why I did not vote for such a politician (in France, it is soon the presidential elections)

. I ask him if he really believes that it will be a man who will save him or France,

And I told him that “France is going to have its back broken or totally ruined this year”

and I explained to him that a Chinese journalist had discovered what the Chinese had done concerning the virus. I told him that it had already been a week since the info had been relayed and that the virus would show up in a few weeks. He seemed in disbelief but he also seemed to believe me.

That same day, I also dreamed of Pastor Paul Enenche, a pastor in Nigeria. He was in a sort of booth and there were 2 African men approaching him. It seems to me that there was an African Catholic priest among them. The pastor refused to cooperate with them. Please intercede for this man.

February 15 I dreamed of men armed with machetes in Angola. It seems to me that they were killing people (I don’t know if they were several or just one) and I understood that “the English colonists left that for the country, in the sense, it was the sinister legacy of colonization English.

Thank you

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