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For Such a Time as This: WAKE UP!! – Todd White

For Such a Time as This: WAKE UP!!

November 11, 2020
Lifestyle Christianity/Todd White

Yesterday the Holy Spirit spoke a clear message to me… We must HOLD THE LINE and cry out on behalf of this nation and the sleeping church!

Auto Generated Transcript

hey guys i want to talk to you about a
that the lord gave me today in my prayer
closet had such an
urgency and such a flame on it
i really literally felt the fear of the
in a way where i’ve rarely felt it
that’s strong
it was so amazing so i wrote this word
and and then immediately i wanted to
send it to a couple of mentors and
people that pour into my life people
that i trust
that are voices that are moms and dads
and uh to me and i sent it to them and
they were like this needs to go out
right now
to the body of christ this is a right
now word so it’s really important
i’m actually starting to tremble again
even thinking about it i released it to
our students here
at lcu at our university this morning
it was the flame and fear of the lord
and so i’d love for you guys to take a
listen and let it take your heart
to a place where the lord wants you to
rest he wants us to live
in his passionate heart of the reality
of the book of revelation that we’re
about to step into
bless you
oh that all god’s children
but learn how to pray
where prayer wouldn’t be a burden
it would be our delight
i feel like these last nine months in my
life of purifying
this place
reminds me of the place where esther was
where she was just
bathed and soaked in oil and fragrance
so that she could be put before a king
for such a time as this
jesus i need your help
like never before
i need your strength because i’m weak
the tears and the cries drain my body
god i love you so much
nothing else satisfies
so i went into my prayer closet today
i felt this intensity of the fear of the
like i’ve never felt before
i entered into worship and just thanked
him and just cried and thanked him and
cried and thanked him
lifted up communion looked at the bread
and thanked him for his body
and just like jesus we talked about it
when he took the bread took the cup when
he took the bread
on the night that he was betrayed when
he took the bread knowing that betrayal
was on the other side
i looked at it said what does it matter
if people betray me i will love you more
i once again looked at the bread and the
juice and counted the cost
and remember the lord’s death
and resurrection every day sometimes a
couple times a day
i do it just thankfulness what he’s done
the awareness of victory
the awareness of hope the awareness of
love like we’ve never known
love that’s sweeter than wine love
that intoxicates with the presence
it doesn’t make you numb
like alcohol would make you numb the
intoxicating presence of the lord
doesn’t make you love numb it makes you
the small awareness of my shortcomings
and my
my faults become obliterated by the
heightened awareness of his presence
and how much he loves me and how much he
sees my heart
that wants to repent at the very whisper
of conviction
i don’t have to have a convictive shout
i’ll listen to the still small voice of
the convicting
lord and king
purity is what the lord desires
there’s no one like you jesus
there’s no one like you
there’s no one like you
mountains bow before you
demons run and flee
at the mention of your name jesus
as i’ve preached throughout the years
i’ve stood before an audience of one
never ever preaching to please people to
pet people
or to condone where people are at
bringing the cutting edge of the living
praying that he would fully the heart
and lay people wide open so that they
would see his ever
increasing gaze upon their soul
the fear of the lord
is everything jesus was anointed
above his companions
because he hated lawlessness and
loved righteousness
he was anointed he was smeared with
the oil of heaven more than any
because of his hatred for lawlessness
and his love for righteousness
the scepter of his throne
his righteousness
he rules and he reigns from within
from his righteousness
those afraid to approach the throne
in prayer
because they cannot see they become the
righteousness of god
that’s in christ jesus
david talked about the man that said but
let me bury my father
i would like to say jesus says but first
seek the kingdom and his righteousness
i don’t care if the world thinks i’m
everyone’s gonna bow before my king
if we willingly bow now and live
out what he’s called us to people won’t
be forced about later
that should matter
god has given me a platform
has given me a voice
he did not give me a platform or a voice
to tickle ears or impressive people
in these days that we’re in
people have heaped up for themselves
tickle their ears and lull them to sleep
he’s given me the reality of a holy
ghost defibrillator so that i can
shock people back into reality
what a king that he would trust us with
this gospel
you have been entrusted with the gospel
it is god’s good pleasure to give you
the kingdom
the kingdom doesn’t divide and separate
the church
the kingdom divides and separates the
soul from the spirit
the body of christ has become drunk
drinking from the wrong cup
she sits in a stupor in her drunkenness
having sipped from the wrong glass
she’s overdosed on calories from the
wrong bread
she can’t tell it’s moldy
whom shall i send
whom will go for me the lord says
in isaiah
whoa to me i’m undone
for i am a man of unclean lips i’d say
and the lord not isaiah
isaiah didn’t have the privilege of
grabbing a coal with his hands it would
have burned his whole body
but a seraphim brings the coal and
touches it to his lips
cleanses isaiah i would love to tell you
that jesus
is the fiery coal from the altar
whom shall i set and isaiah with clean
says here i am lord set me
the church has forfeited the word send
to feed me
she’s forfeited
her ability to be sent because she’s
been huddling in a corner
saying feed me something help me i’m
because she’s not able to eat
she thinks that she needs to be fed but
really she needs to drink
desiring the pure milk of the word
has been replaced to desiring the world
unknowingly she’s drank the devil’s milk
and instead of growing she’s become
and is sick
and cowering in a corner
hmm god’s looking for a voice
one that wouldn’t be afraid to trumpet
one that’s not afraid of death because
they’ve already died
one that doesn’t fear people because
they fear the lord
one who sees from a new heart that
they’ve been given instead of an old
heart that’s supposed to be gone
one that doesn’t spend all of their life
trying to fix the things that they can’t
but they believe that jesus fixed it
so they can move forward and press on
to the upward call of christ and for the
reason that god has laid a hold of you
jesus help us come up higher today
i feel the tenderness of the lord
the tenderness of this person
talking to david yesterday we were
talking about the lord
and his presence when moses said show me
your glory
god tucked him into the cleft of the
and he said i will let all my glory pass
before you
and he did and he
showed him his goodness he said i will
let my goodness
pass before you
and he said nevertheless i will not
i will not pardon the sin
of people visiting
the third and fourth generation and for
some reason
we as the church as the body of christ
have bypassed the severity
and dove into his goodness
and have forgotten that he is a holy
and righteous judge
his goodness and floating around on this
planet because god is good
diving into immorality becomes
commonplace because intimacy with jesus
are just words coming out of people’s
that are far from him
adultery embezzlement
twisted lying
has become commonplace and has taken the
place of real grace
the empowerment of heaven itself
jesus has given us all things
all things are yours according to life
godliness joint heirs with the king of
all in heaven he says is mine and i
give it to you all that the father has
is mine and all that’s mine is yours
and we’ve used that for selfish gain
and used liberty as a vice and there is
hell to pay
i hear it i really didn’t want to hear
this this morning
i will be a dad
i will be a father under complete
of the king of glory i will not use this
pulpit for selfish gain
i will not use a microphone to voice my
because my opinion apart from what he
says is
hellish talk
using a microphone for a show and
impressing people
is demonic
using your platform for selfish gain
is selfish ambition and the wisdom of
the world with it which is sensual
and demonic god sees right through the
and he wants to go straight into your
heart and pierce you
where it hurts the most so that you can
he wants to cut away the trash
and all the stuff that has smoldered the
that god has placed in you that’s a
living flame of love
and we need the lord to come and baptize
us afresh
we say that we desire the spirit and we
we quote romans 8 11 in the same
spirit that raised jesus christ from the
dwells in us and will quicken our mortal
body but we’ve forgotten
what that spirit entailed
what the same spirit that raised jesus
from the dead and the number one
pursuit and the number one the number
one heart cry
of the spirit is
isaiah 11 2 defines that spirit
the spirit of god the seven-fold spirit
of god
and it says that jesus’s delight
it wasn’t in in the power to heal it
wasn’t in the power to prophesy it
wasn’t in the power of counsel it wasn’t
in the power of might
no his number one desire was in the fear
of the lord why
because the fear of the lord will
quicken your mortal body here
so that none of your members are in sin
because the fear of the lord cuts out
gouges out the eye
and cuts off the hand
the fear of the lord is the wisdom of
god itself
set up to become the stronghold that
came that takes
every thought captive
the fear of the lord makes you more than
a conqueror
the fear of the lord makes you an
overcomer not one that gets overcome
there is absolutely nothing that can
he who overcomes
jesus says live a life worthy of the
walk in a manner worthy of the call
to he who overcomes
we are saved by grace but judged by
and somehow some way the devil has
confused us
that we don’t have to work so we’ve
become lazy
sitting back twiddling our thumbs saying
the lord knows where i am
yeah he does he’s the great i am
he needs the church to get off her butt
and to breathe in the fragrance of
so that she can breathe in god and
god stop breathing in and sucking
in the world stop drinking from the cup
of the devil
and drink from the cup of the lord
see the blazing eyes of fire that are
staring at you
consistently never turning away people
look and say well i see these smiling
eyes of love yes
he’s good and yes he smiles do you think
smiles at sin absolutely not
sin sends people to hell cost you more
than you ever wanted to pay and takes
you further than you ever wanted to go
the conscience becomes numb the
conscience becomes seared
and all violation takes place the line
gets pushed further and further and
further and further
before you know it which is up and which
is down and which is in and which is out
we need god to regulate our compass to
shake us
to bring us again to true north so that
we can face the lord and king
jesus came as a lamb but he’s not coming
back that way
oh he is so pleased
oh that we can feel his heartbeat and
only share what he shares
as i stand here fully intoxicated
with his presence the joy of the lord
because my lamp is full
of oil knowing that at any moment the
king could return and i’m
not sharing my oil with anyone
you have to get your own oil
you have to purchase what money can’t
you have to eat his flesh and drink his
you have to have your life be the very
of what you’ve taken in that is his body
that is his blood
your food needs to be
the food of heaven your life becomes
living bread
your blood becomes drink
because you’ve sipped from the master’s
and you have sat with the king of glory
because jesus said if anybody would love
my father and i would come in and dine
and sup
and eat with him and when you’re sitting
at the table that the
lord has made he presents that
buffet table that is full of his
goodness his mercy
and his severity
and he has you sit down in the presence
of your greatest enemies
and he announces on the loudspeaker of
heaven this is my son
in whom i’m well pleased and the battle
is the lord’s
oh lord use me and pour my life out like
a drink offering
i’m done trying to figure out plans and
i’m asking you
master planner
master planner i’m done trying to figure
out what i’m supposed to do tomorrow
today has enough of its own
oh prince of peace
peace that surpasses understanding
peace that crushes confusion
peace that crushes division
peace that’s beyond my own ability to
figure it out
o cross at calvary have your way
your blood jesus speaks a better word
you rightly divide
what is and it’s what not truth
you rightly divide what is and is what
not truth
you have made me a worker rightly
the word of truth because the fear of
the lord governs
my soul
has taken over his residency
and is fully occupying this temple
giving way to no other renters
it’s full there’s no room at the end it
is fully occupied there’s no room for
plan a is jesus
there is no plan b oh god
entice the bride
with your sweet caress
and the wine of your presence
that she would shed and throw off that
old wine skin
let us taste and see that you are good
and let us move into a season that’s
never ending of first
love that has no
let us grow in fervent desire
and fiery expectation not fearful
fearful expectation is sinning willfully
after you have the knowledge of the
let us leave the childish games of
sinning willfully
playing games
the anointing is not a game
the anointing is not something that you
wear on your chest like a badge
it is not some metal that you’ve
achieved and you’ve arrived
none of us have arrived
the anointing is the presence of the
people say you’re a little bit too
intense oh no
when we face jesus you will see intense
oh jesus receive your reward of your
let every devil scream
in defeat
let every devil be terrorized
with true terror
let every chattering voice that’s trying
to speak
louder than our king be silenced
let that voice have their throat cut
with the sword of the lord
let our hearts be pierced through and
over and over and over and over and over
as many times as it takes
oh god fully us and cut us deep take the
living word the sharp
two-edged sword and divide
our soul from our spirit
to where our soul no longer tries to
dominate us but our spirit man
the deliverer sets up his home and the
strongest man of all
jesus strips the armor of
every other thought trying
to just come and bait our soul
let us run from the bait of satan
oh jesus we love you
you are so good you are so wonderful
now is not the time to grow weary now is
not the time to draw back
god’s soul has no pleasure
he has no pleasure in the soul that
draws back
god has no pleasure
and the soul that draws back
let us let go let us completely let go
all those things that so easily tried to
ensnare us
god let us move past the things that so
easily ensnare us
and let us become keenly aware by our
of those things that we’re hardly aware
purify our hearts and burn in us
a righteous indignation and a godly fear
burn in us a godly jealousy burn in us
mark us with a godly jealousy that
infiltrates this relationship
no family has the right to intervene no
or girlfriend has the right to intervene
no loss has the right to intervene
no death has the right to intervene
no lie has the right to intervene
strengthen the bride lord
strengthen the bride
you are where my heart my help
my life my victory
you are where my help comes from
oh jesus author and finisher of our
i look to you and the joy of
knowing you overwhelms my soul
there’s no other lover that can compete
with you o great king
o god of majesty and victory
none can defeat you
you see me as lovely
you see me as beautiful
you see me as one that is surrendered to
the call
the first part of the call is being free
from yourself
being free from you denying that
which in you tries to rise up silencing
it with the truth of god’s word
because of the body of christ
surrendering and submitting to the
lordship of jesus
many people will be saved
not just a little because it’s not god’s
that any perish but that all be saved
and come to the knowledge
of him god wants to pour out a spirit of
wisdom and revelation
upon the body of christ like never
he is about to release something that
we’ve never seen
this talk isn’t hopeless talk it’s hope
because hope deferred is a talk from a
sick heart
this heart is not sick love’s sick
doesn’t cause hopelessness love sick
causes intensity
and passion that cannot be quenched fire
can’t quench it
sword can’t quench it a shotgun can’t
quench it a guillotine can’t quench it
drawn and quartered can’t can’t touch it
there’s nothing that can touch love’s
because i’m eternally secure god will
never change his mind he’s made up his
mind he made up his mind before i said
if he made up his mind before i said yes
how could my mind be set on something
else all else
are fruitless pursuits that lead us down
a path of destruction
you are holy and he has given us
the holy spirit because he’s holy
the lord told me to write out a word
this morning
in trembling
in first corinthians chapter 2 paul came
and he said when i came to you
i came to you in fear and
salvation works itself out with fear and
the word works itself out with fear and
trembling dave talked about yesterday
eating the scroll honey to your lips and
bitter in your stomach
why because he wants you to vomit up
that word
he wants you to be bold and stand on the
rooftop and bring it
why would you wait for the things that
you’ve done in secret to be exposed
why wouldn’t you let go of that stuff
that so easily ensnares
us gossip
lying manipulating
maneuvering selfish ambition
trying to do whatever you can to get to
the pulpit and think that you’ve arrived
my god don’t you know
that those that are at a pulpit and have
a microphone will be judged way more
do you understand
to he who has given much much is
this isn’t the hour to make a name for
yourself jesus
who had the name above all names
considered himself of no reputation
he wasn’t concerned with how people saw
there was nothing comely about him there
was nothing beautiful about this man
yet when he spoke
jesus talked about my blood is the real
drink and my flesh is the real food
unless you eat my flesh and drink my
blood you cannot meet a my disciple you
cannot be my disciple
and everybody bailed but his disciples
everybody some say thousands failed
either way his disciples still there he
says do you want to go to
and peter said where else would we go
you have the words of eternal life
and we know that you are him
my question is do you know that he
is him and do you know that he has the
of eternal life
are we so intoxicated by facebook
instagram social media cnn the news
wondering what’s going to happen read
the book
let the book read you eat the scroll
swallow it it tastes
good and it will sicken your
stomach the word doesn’t stick in your
the reality that you live in sickens
your stomach because you see
all are lost and none
none go after him and your stomach will
sick it’s the holy spirit getting
righteousness inside of you because the
you drink the pure milk of the word you
first you have to desire the pure milk
of the word
and then you start to grow thereby
that’s what peter said grow
thereby desiring the pure milk of the
and then we move from milk to meat
and it says that strong meat is for the
that have their senses trained to
discern both good
and evil because they have been trained
in the word
of righteousness
it’s the word of righteousness that
trains the soul
it’s being right with god because when
you’re right with god you’re wrong with
the world
and when people don’t like your post
it’s okay because you’ve fallen in love
with god
because jesus hung on the post
now you carry the posts
people don’t like that because it
completely convicts them of the sin that
they’re living in
and i’m talking about the church
the church doesn’t like people that live
in conviction
the church doesn’t reward those that
live in conviction the body of christ
cling to those that live in conviction
only soldiers
can cling to this
soldiers that know that they’ve been
enlisted by a captain
that never loses soldiers that know that
the battle
is the lord’s
and he’s given you every weapon
for you to take out the enemy
and the number one pursuit is taking out
the enemy of your soul
and we go from message to message to
message to message
trying to find one that fits our life
jesus doesn’t fit your life and you
can’t afford to make god in your image
he made you in his
this is called returning
this message is too intense
oh no this is just the beginning i have
it i’m not kidding and i’m lost i’ve
lost it
he is breathing fire into my soul like
never before
i’ve never ever ever felt anything quite
like this
i feel as if i could sweat blood you
have no idea
my tears and cries for the body of
christ and where we’re at right now
how can we save people if we don’t know
what we’ve been saved to
and how would they want what we have if
we look like them
this isn’t religion no one wants to look
like religion
religion tries to follow rules and make
other fine rules
and travel over land and sea to make a
convert twice
a son of hell is themselves
there’ll be many pastors in hell guys
there’ll be many so-called prophets in
i’m not kidding they’ll be evangelists
in hell
ones that have won souls for the kingdom
will sit in a pit eternally separated
because it has become about them and
they’ve ruled
with the heart of balaam for profits
and selfish gains
oh yep
i said it my job is to not
make comfortable disciples i don’t know
if you know it or not but you
are a disciple be like well i don’t know
if i want this
then go
i didn’t sign up for this i signed up
for miracles oh trust me
you are the miracle
the bride has made herself ready is a
miracle in itself
the church has sat back and gotten fat
and full and is no longer hungry
she’s accepted jesus and said yes to
jesus and she figures
she’s good she ain’t good she’s in
because accepting jesus at birth is
being born again but born again is
essential to unlock
your fiery passionate holy potential
to where you would draw a line and not
cross it
to where they would hang a plumb line
this is the straight plumb line of the
this is holding the line of truth
regardless of what people say
they’re like well this isn’t the todd
that i knew oh no
this isn’t the todd that i knew either
i’m not kidding i’ve read my bible for
16 years steady
every day of my life and i’ve never seen
what i see right now
and god had to do a pruning and a
cutting and a trimming
he had to put me into a place of painful
painful labor i don’t even remember what
it was like
i’m not kidding god is allowing me to
give birth
i am so excited i am i am
so excited
i am feeling contractions like never
i can’t explain to you i’ve been in the
room when my wife delivered
it’s not pretty but it’s severe pain
but afterwards don’t even remember
because it was worth it
it was worth it
i wrote something and i want to read it
to you
this is this morning and it was coming
straight from the lord
oh my god
jesus i ask you to help this come out
the way that it came
you are so good
you are so righteous and so holy
let me bring honor to your name
i worship you i love you
and i give you praise and glory
o god you are holy
and pure
wake up the sleeping giant
the body of christ is like a powder keg
waiting to burst
this morning waking up with the warning
of complete sobriety
yet at the same time being intoxicated
with this great love
he seems to have been brooding over me
in the most intimate
yet intensely focused way this morning
the heightened awareness of the exact
point of calvary is brought to me
consuming me with truth and extreme
my every cell seems to be standing at
full attention
to hear this right now word from the
captain of our salvation
my lord our lord my savior
your savior jesus the awareness of time
is running out
seems to be the seems to be the theme as
tears stream down my face like a
waterfall that never ends
my eyes burning in my heart pounding
with violent intercession for the saints
that are yet still blinded by the god of
this world still the devil
and the millions upon millions of souls
that need to know what the true gospel
i am overwhelmed i’m not overwhelmed
with sadness or despair
because that would mean that there is no
hope hope deferred makes the heart sick
i don’t have a sick heart i’ve been
given a new heart jeremiah 24 clarifies
a heart to know him i am overwhelmed by
his wonderful presence
the truth of the authentic gospel is
pulsating within me
revival fire consumes me from within
i can hear the terrifying roar of the
of the tribe of judah the one that is
seated on the throne
the one that has the name above every
name i can literally feel the urgency of
the hour that we live in
he said to me in a thundering voice i
have put you on the earth
for such a time of this as this the
spirit of the fear of the lord
is about to be released in such a way
that the cowering bride
that has lived blinded with their hands
covering her ears is about to become
with godly jealousy and will become
deeply lovesick for the return of the
she will begin to get her house in order
first by removing all the extra clothing
that she has gathered over all the years
all the outfits of unrighteousness
will be thrown out and burned
she will be consumed with the one outfit
that is needed her robe of righteousness
her one concern is going to be made sure
that she has oil in her lamp this oil is
very costly
it will cost you everything but with
everything in her she will sell
everything that she has to make sure
that she has him this will produce a
first love joy that will completely
consume her
the very oil of joy will both cover her
and consumer
great victory will once again be the
platform that she will live from
because the conscious awareness of the
great gain of calvary for heaven
and the mighty loss for hell will be
seen in their entirety
darkness will keep increasing in this
world but our great god
is unleashing an angelic host that will
come alongside of this victorious bride
to aid her in the conquering of satan’s
increasing strategy
to deceive many we’re about to witness
the most
wonderful awesome warfare that we have
ever seen
the literal book of revelation of the
things that jesus showed the apostle
and said these are the things that are
to come is now here
hallelujah and praise to the lamb that
was slain behold the lamb
the one who is faithful and true i am
writing this
and i am overwhelmed by his presence i
can hear and feel the spirit of god
prophesying through me i hear him saying
tell the church
not to look at the things that you can
see they are temporal
and they are fading away it is time for
us to gird up the loins of our mind
and be ready repent and return
get your heart and focus in order we are
in our final lap
run your race there’s laid up for you a
crown of righteousness
no soldier ever entangles himself in the
affairs of this world
and no athlete ever competes except
according to the rules
you are a hard-working farmer sow seeds
get ready for harvest dust off your
swords and believe the truth
let it cut you to the quick put on your
breastplate and remember that you are
the righteousness of god that’s in
christ jesus
put your helmet back on and let your
mind be renewed
believe that you are who god says you
are pull tight again
your belt of truth that has loosened
you are about to lose weight from the
lies that have been trying to weigh you
pick up your shield soaked in the blood
of jesus christ
so that absolutely no enemy dart can
touch you
put on your battle shoes and march with
the army of the lord
the peace of god that surpasses all
understanding will guard your hearts and
minds in christ jesus
and remember always remember
the battle belongs to the lord
victory is ours
this is a right now word of the lord
right now for the church not in america
for the body of christ
i need our worship team to come out here
and i want all all
who have this right here this heart cry
that i just shared
right now i want you to come and wail
for the church right now
and cry out for the body of christ right
don’t play right now pour out your heart
for the body of christ
don’t stop bring it to the lord right
cry out cry out cry out don’t stop
don’t stop cry out
lift your voice this
is war
this is war cry out
hold the line hold the line
cry out
cry out cry out
this is the plum line
wake up wake up
wake up cry out
he’s coming cry out he’s coming
cry out
as you’re crying out god’s gonna baptize
with a fresh fire
i pray that the lord would take this
and take it and put it into your life
that you would eat the scroll
of this word that it would make your
stomach bitter
to the things of this world to where you
would see the gospel
with such a clarity because the time is
now the urgency is now
now is the time of salvation people’s
depend upon what you’re going to do with
this word
remember he is for you and not against
it’s time to act don’t sit dormant obey
the convictions of your heart and run
with a passionate flame
so that others can know his name god
wants to use you
as a vessel set apart of honor
bless you

Todd White was a drug addict and atheist for 22 years. In 2004 he was radically and miraculously set free when a gun fired at him and he should have died but instead heard God speak to his heart, “I took that bullet for you, now are you ready to live for me?”

Todd believes that redemption and righteousness are the foundational keys for living life as a new creation in Christ, and has since traveled the entire world sharing the gospel and living the full reality that Jesus paid for on the cross! Todd’s foremost desire is to see the Holy Spirit flowing through believers everywhere they go– work, school, grocery stores, malls, gas stations…everywhere! Todd’s true joy is being able to reproduce a 24/7 kingdom lifestyle in every believer. His heart is to activate people in the simplicity of who they really are and confront the barriers that hold them back from being who God created them to be. No one is excluded!

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