Eight Endtime Dreams – Ruth Smith

Ruth Smith

Eight Endtime Dreams

I had some short dreams, I don’t have the interpretations, I just dreamed those. Please pray for the discernment, thank you.

1. I saw the United State’s map, then it was falling apart. (I am a Chinese, even my husband is an American, but for me, I still don’t know how the United State’s map would look like. but in my dream, I just knew that map was the United State’s map)

2. In my dream, I was riding on a shining white big bird, flying in the air over the land which I didn’t know. I saw one part of the land was full of smoke, one was totally desolate, while I was keeping flying, I saw another part of land was burning by fire.

3. I saw the sky color was just like dark blood red color. I saw a big reddish color planet was so close to me that it felt like I could stretch my hand to touch it, it looked so big.

4. I saw flood flew over the whole land, people tried to find a place to survive,buildings were falling down, water was everywhere. There was a huge white horse stood there, nobody on it, just horse.

5. I saw people were waiting in line, very long line, people had to show something on their right arms or hands, then they could pass by, if someone didn’t have that thing on their body, they couldn’t be allowed to pass by. and then those people has things on their right arms or hands all went towards a bus, everyone walked and looked like a dead body, a zombie.

6. I saw many robots or AI or falling angels who looked like human being, but they weren’t, they were everywhere. some human women even married with them but didn’t realize who they really were (very very disgusting).

7. I saw a huge high technology camera was in the sky, moving on to monitor people who lived on the earth. wherever people were, it knew; whatever people did, it knew; whatever people talked, it knew too.

8. I dreamed many times about there were some kind of strange creatures flying in the air. One time I dreamed I was in a city, night time, nobody in the city, there were 6 huge dragons in the sky (I counted them in my dream), one of them saw me and then came down to chase me, when I rebuked him in Jesus’ name, his face turned to be so fearful and ugly, then he ran away and disappeared.


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