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Dreams: The Last Generation and the Antichrist – Omega Ministry Service Center (Translated by Ruth Smith)

Translated by Ruth Smith
This was from Omega Ministry Service Center, but it is in Chinese, so I translated it into English, here it is:

Dreams: The Last Generation and the Antichrist

It’s about in May, 2000, in the evening, there was an angel was reading a verse, he said”

And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns I later learned that this is the exact words of the book of Revelation, But I didn’t understand what he was saying at that moment, because I had just been a believer and didn’t know about Revelation.

When this angel finished these words, I felt there was a huge wind to push me to another place. I saw myself in my spirit, of course was more mature than I was at that time. Then the angel’s voice sounded again, and you could feel like it was coming from another world. He said” And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth” you can read this verse in the book of Revelation.

Then, I saw the changes of all kinds of countries on the earth, in particular (what I’m documenting here) you see a rapid change in the pattern of the world, various alliances arose, decline, arose, decline and took turns. Especially, at that time, there was a very strong force of ten parties. At that time, I wrote down Germany in it, but there were too many materials and I did not clearly write down the name of each country.

I saw there were seven very powerful overlords, each one of them wore different ethnic costumes. And the seventh came out, and I saw these nations standing together by the sea, waiting for a man called“ally”to come out. On the other side of the sea, in the east, there were forces forming their own alliances, with the beast (this is the word I heard in my dream) who showed up just now across the sea looking at each other from afar.

At this moment, I saw the golden waves also, the waves are the same color as gold, the waves began to run around the world, meanwhile, it blew everywhere, each time it blew over a place, then, where the economy and real estate fell, and then there were big earthquakes struck in many places, men’s hearts were panic, started to run to and fro. There were more and more people in the hospital, everyone was very flustered.

Then, there came out an image, it was a man’s face, and a man’s figure. I remember he was standing at a place looked like a podium, spoke to the whole world. The audience was a huge crowds of people, people from this world, and people from different religions.

His face showed up, obviously, that he was of many nationalities, and I remember that he had mixed ancestry from Europe, the Middle East (such as: Rome, Germany, Greece). Such a man was lift up, he had dark brown hair, hair was a little curly. He could do great things, he could do strange things that men call it miraculous signs. There was a voice saying ”he can call fire to come down”. That night I saw him opened his mouth and commanded fire to come down from heaven, and fire did come down from heaven. As a result, people all over the earth began to believe him and promoted him to a very high position.

Before these things happened, I heard there was a voice cried out ” here is the Christ, there is the Christ”, also there was someone said ”Christ is in the east”,
Many churches on the earth started to run in the direction of the sound, and many people were drawn to the place of the sound. I saw many people were running, I can describe them as following the sound, tired of running. In the first three years, I also saw many people among us followed these churches to run back and forth.

But suddenly, one day, the voice of Heavenly Father came from heaven. At the very night of this dream, the voice of Heavenly Father clearly sounded from heaven, like waterfall, like thunder, HE says“this is my enemy, the antichrist who deceives my people”. Because of the voice, I suddenly came to my senses from that scene. Then I stood out, spoke to all churches that God told me such such and such. And then I tried my best to persuade them not to follow that misleading voice, and do not be controlled by the antichrist.

At that time, I started to lead some churches to separated from those running and other churches on the entire earth, started to walk the way that God has predetermined for us. I remember I was standing on a rock to preach, there only were one third of churches came out of this situation.

After these things passed, the beast, as he was called, began to show his true nature. And there were a lot of islamists around the world at that time, and there was a voice said, “those five RACES have been laid out around the globe.”

Then, those who truly love God weredeclared to be illegal, and this happened in most countries, then the persecution began, I saw many Christians were killed. In the process of being killed, I saw some of people confessed that they belong to God, and some who were killed for no reason, before they understood what God was going to say to them, danger came upon them. Before they knew what was happening, disaster or some inexplicable evil came upon them and they were killed.

I saw the blood started to flow everywhere, many ditches had blood flowing through them. It felt like filling the apple ditches. The blood spilled out of the gutter, splash everywhere, there were red marks all over the road. The church was desolate, the church buildings were dilapidated, corruption was everywhere, and many people ran and hid.

I saw many people ran up to my house to discuss how to hide, then I saw there was a pistol and many bullets in my house. I saw I led many people to go somewhere else to hide. At that time, many in the synagogue were led astray from the truth, and did not know who they were worshiping.

Here’s what happens in some other places.

God opened a door which was very marvelous. God took me to see the situations of the nations at war, and the nations at famine, and also showed me all kinds of weapons.

In the following time, HE took me to see these situations around the world. What impressed me the most was some of the wars that took place in central Asia and east Asia, where a lot of different armies were gathered, and I saw many people hiding in caves to direct wars, not outside.

Many advanced weapons that I had not seen on television, in newspapers, or anywhere else in the 2000s were displayed outside. Most of these weapons do not require human operation. The worst part is that some people were going to use warheads that similar to a chemical weapons, and when these warheads hit them, it would cause a lot of dusts, if these dusts touched anybody, then this would be like a plague.

At that time, medicines were not be able to supply enough in many places and many people died slowly.

There are also a large number of weapons that were in alignment appeared in the plain, these weapons can actually fly in the sky, can attack on the ground, can walk in the sea, is the sea, land and airtriphibian weapons.

When many of these weapons showed up, you really could feel they are just like bugs flying to and fro in the sky. There also are some kind of new style jets that you even couldn’t hear a thing while they are flying by. Those think they can hit the target often missed.

I saw there were many armies of nations crossed through the plains to a staging area, and every army that came to a staging area professed itself is righteous. I saw some troops came across the Siberian plain, some from the south, some from the west across the plain. Some missiles can hit their targets very accurately, but the other side’s jamming weapons also play a big role, refuse to admit being inferior.

What I don’t understand is why God chose to show me these weapons and equipments one by one, because it took all night just to see them.

At this time, the land, mountains, rivers had a sound, they all were moaning. I can see that there was a great power in the spiritual realm was behind to do these things, Even there was no much happy land in the world of ice and snow.

There was an angel stood before me to tell me You have to make a note of these wars’ situations, and in the future there will be a sealed seal will be opened, and God will let it open.

I thank God for my wonderful experience of many real situations. Later, I was shown the earthquake inJapan, the earthquake in Indonesia, the earthquake in Taiwan, the earthquake in Qinghai, China, etc., including the days from then on until the end of time what I will see, I have been shown more than ten years ago. Especially I have seen the water is going to pour back into some of the major cities in the United States, these major cities also will have a lot ofhurricanes, fires and floods. (The end)

Original Chinese Version:末后世代和敌基督末后事工/

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