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Dreams about Obama – Ruth Smith

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Dreams about Obama – Ruth Smith

Sun June 3, 2018 07:21

In 2016-2017 (before May 2018, whenever I dreamed something different, I always think if it is from God, then I will remember; if it is not from God, i will forget right away so that I never write them down, so I couldn’t remember the exact date I dreamed), I dreamed about Obama four times, I still remember the main part of the first dream and the second dream. I am a Chinese, America’s president is none of my business, and I am not a person who is interested in news or any political things, even don’t know who is who on the political stage, but I dreamed about Obama four times, so they must be from God.

In those four dreams, this former president of U.S.A seemed had some kind of power to draw people to him, almost not able to resist him, not good at all, but very uncomfortable and evil, so that I had to beg God not to let me to dream this man again, because I just couldn’t stand it any more. then after that, I don’t dream of Obama any more.

In my first dream, I saw myself was in the hospital, on the patient bed. then there came another patient, wounded badly, doctors tried to save him, but couldn’t work out, he died. The strange thing was, he was back to be alive, without medical help, he just was alive again! and stood up, he was the Obama! he came to me, tried to hurt me, but he couldn’t(I guess in my dream, I represent real christian. because in all the dreams I had, no any evil can hurt me or touch me, I always overcome them in Jesus Christ’s name), he was not happy, almost angry, then he left me, to go to another person(I forgot that was a man or a woman), he did some very dirty sexual thing to that person, very disgusting thing….then I woke up.

In my second dream, somehow I worked in the White House, worked for Obama, after working, he did not pay me as he should. then his wife Michelle showed up.in my dream, this couples seemed not happy together, there was something wrong between them. she insisted to pay me, but I refused her, I gave her a hug and said: be happy (this part really made me uncomfortable, I have no idea why I even hugged her in my dream)….then I woke up.

Please take these into the prayer, I don’t know the interpretation, I just had those dreams. Thank you for your time, God bless you all!

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