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Dream: Trump will be killed – Ruth Smith

Dream: Trump will be killed

March 30, 2020 5:52 AM
Ruth Smith

The early morning of 3-3-20, I dreamt Trump and another fat man sat face to face and had a very serious conversation in a small room, I saw myself went into room to speak to Trump and say “you will be killed”, then I walked toward to the door, but before I left room, I turned back, spoke to Trump that “you will be killed” one more time, he just looked at me, like he didn’t know what I was talking about, then I woke up.

From what I have received from the Lord, Trump will be taken away for sure, to usher the Antichrist.

The Lord spoke to me many times “your time on earth does not have much left, do your best to do the work of the Lord while there is still day time, the night is coming, then you can do nothing. “

Hallelujah!!! Our redemption draw nigh, the days of being strangers and pilgrims are coming to the end, it’s time to go home now!

异梦:特朗普将被杀——Ruth Smith

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  1. Alice R.

    Donald Trump has disrupted Satan’s end time plans. God can protect him until his mission is done. Our time is short also. There is little time left before tribulation & the mark of the beast is here.

  2. Bozo1234

    Ruth Smith: President Trump; The prayers of the holy saints of God, protects The President…so long as he does not push a 2 state solution upon Israel. Now, once the rapture of the garment of salvation and the robe of righteousness(Is.61:10) saints occurs, the dispensation of grace ends, with the removal of the Holy Spirit/Restrainer…though people will get saved during the Tribulation and be born-again with the Holy Spirit indwelling them. However, absent the cap on evil …the mystery of iniquity will be the rule, not the exception. Also, the Antichrist will not appear, until the Restrainer is removed at the rapture. By the way, would not a loving God want the people home when the rapture/3DD takes place this Passover season? Noah had 7 day shut-in prior to the flood… Lot was pulled into(shut-in)his house prior to judgment. The Jews at Passover-shut in, then onto the promise land. And yet, there will be some in the fields and at the mill…but the chaos would be lessened somewhat, by the majority being home?

  3. Rita

    The antichrist will have NO desire for women! Trump is not “The antichrist”, he loves his women

  4. Andy

    haven’t we gone thru all of this before ? nearly everyone on here knows who the ac is…..and they know t-man will be taken out…..we all will continue to go thru God’s judgements before His wrath comes….the R word is not going to happen that soon, because there are many more judgements coming our way….take care, as this is not meant be mean….

  5. jay

    test these spirits, trump tower is a satanic 666 temple, and hes always been with them, do not believe this lie

  6. jay

    test these spirits, trump tower is a satanic 666 temple, and hes always been with them, do not believe this lie

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