Dream, Persecution

Dream: Persecution – Ruth Smith

Dream: Persecution – Ruth Smith

June 1, 2018 01:22

Today is June first 2018, This is the third time I dreamed about persecution.

In my dream, I was praying with a couple of people in somewhere, then I prayed for them all in Jesus’name. After praying, somehow, they said something I couldn’t remember and caught me. I saw two of very long metallic nails, they looked like the barbecue nails. There came some people carried a Big barbecue grill, big enough to put an adult on it. Inside of it, there were some burning charcoals (In my dream, I shouted to my husband: stay home, do not come, but he insisted to come).

Then, while I was looking at the barbecue grill, I heard: “Do not fear, just believe, I am with you. If you don’t deny my name before men, I shall not deny you before my Father….”. Immediately, there was an indescribable perfect peace full of inside of me, from the top to the bottom! Then I woke up from my husband’s calling.

After waking up, this indescribable perfect peace still full of me, and still heard this repeatedly : ” Do not fear, just believe, I am with you. If you don’t deny my name before men, I shall not deny you before my Father. Do not fear the things which you are about to suffer, Be faithful to death, and I will give you the crown of life”.

Praise the Lord Jesus Christ, Glory to the Holy Father, the Holy Son and the Holy Spirit!

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  1. Jyl Calcote

    I will be lifting you upon the altar of Our Lord Jesus. May the faith of Our Savior fill you full , May His Holy anointing oil cover you, and may you be sealed and protected in His Glorious Peace for ever more. Hosanna in the Highest, King of Kings , our one true Living God , Jesus Christ is coming ❤️🙏🏻🕊✝️

  2. Dear Sister Ruth,

    I hope and pray that you will not have to endure persecution, but I know that if you do, our LORD JESUS will be with you!

    There is a ministry, Open Doors, that focuses on supporting those who suffer for Christ. Here are two links to that ministry:

    With Love,
    Your Brother Lester

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