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Dream of my own Death – Trinidadwarrior777 / RichardsDrawings

Dream of my own Death

July 3, 2021 2:35 PM
Matthew 10:36 And a man's foes shall be they of his own household.

This is the 3rd dream Ive had this past year 2020 of my own future Demise.

Each time I was executed by guillotine but until now never knew who would be the cause of my persecution.

This dream began in the near future , In fact it felt much closer than I originally anticipated. Something happened to my elementary school aged child regarding the Kill-Sh0t.

The Poison was made mandatory everywhere and Tensions were at an all time high between Vaxers and the UnVaxed. War began in our own household and I struggled keeping the peace between me and my inlaws who all received theirs months ago in real life.

Since it became mandatory in school and the workplace my very own Husband had taken his and was instantly changed. He became intolerant to the point of having downright hatred for all Unvaxed especially myself.

He spend most of his newfound freetime on the phone with his inoculated Family ridiculing and plotting against what he refereed to as “The unvaxed disease spreaders lSomething had to be done and fast. I overheard phone conversations with his Cousins about me being an extremist because of my religious views. They mocked Gods name and laughed loud enough for me to hear.

Next the dream flashed ahead to a point in time where President Biden was no longer in power. A huge crowd gathered without masks outside a big city like Columbus Ohio. They were waving Rainbow flags along side a huge billboard that had the name Biden written across a huge Coffin. It didn’t look like a Pride Parade as much as it appeared to be a celebration of a new Era. The one World religion that embraced and tolerated all Sins. The crowd Roared and Cheered as if attending a Rock Concert awaiting a Famous Star.

I saw my Husbands female Cousins side by Side chanting Obamas Name with their hands and flags raised. The screams grew louder and more Frantic until everyone screamed Obamas Name rhythmically in unison.

I felt deep in my Soul this was it. This would be the day I would die and not live to see the Rise of the one the crowd cried out for to see revealed.

Moments later the vision flashed back to my home where some type of Authority figures appeared at our Door. They looked like Police officers or militia coming for my arrest. Somehow I knew my husband and mother-in-law had alerted them. I was under arrest for non compliance. Sentenced to death for disobedience. I had no doubt many like me would suffer the same fate and it was because I was unwilling to take the Jab. My daughter was no longer present which led me to believe she had passed away from the Shot that was forced on her in school because of my mother in-laws and husband’s orders.

The last thing I saw was the Sharpened blade of the Guillotine behind my head ready to fall…Trinidadwarrior777

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