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Dream of a nine-year-old kid: The land of America was split, A major earthquake of magnitude 10 or more struck – Ruth Smith


This is Ruth Smith from China. There was a nine years old kid dreamed of the land of the United Sates was split, and a major earthquake of magnitude 10 or more struck. It was in Chinese, and since this is about America, so I translated it into English and share with you all:

Dream of a nine-year-old kid:

The land of America was split, A major earthquake of magnitude 10 or more struck


November,13th,2018,3:00 in the early morning

(Elijah’s children’s fellowship——Dream of a nine-year-old kid)


I saw horror movie was being made in a studio. A director was directing the actors how to act. Suddenly a flash of lightning with fire fall from the sky — and with a crack, it seemed to split the United States in half.

In a rich family, I saw somebody was pushing a wheelchair, there was a 14 years old girl sat on it. She believes in God, because there was a cross on her chest, she foreboded the disaster, then she began to pray. When the lightning struck, the servants who had pushed her wheelchair, they ran away, The little girl had to use a wheelchair because she was lame. But I saw she stood up after praying, and continued to pray.

On the earth, those who believe in God turned into a golden light, (soul and spirit) went into the heaven.Some panic people were crushed to death or hit to death. There are earthquakes, tornadoes, lightning, it was raining and also blowing a hurricane, about dozens of pounds of heavy hail fell from the sky, many people were crushed to death, very scary. I saw four more high buildings collapsed just in three seconds. There was a lot of black wind blowing in the distance, and it kept flying randomly. I also saw a map, and on the map, the United Sates area turned into black.

There was fire burning, and on the ground, an oil tanker overturned and caught fire. And tornadoes stick to fire, turn into red fire tornadoes, fire tornadoes burned every building. In most parts of America, the buildings on the ground were all gone, and I saw all were dead, except a few who believe in God.

Those who believe in God were keeping praying in tongues, because there were Bibles in their hands, so I knew they were believers, including the old, the middle-aged and young children. They could foreboded the disaster came. Some were holding Bible and kept praying. Then I saw their bodies were gone, all turned into light, broke through the clouds and went into the heaven.

The rest were burned to death. There were dead bodies everywhere in the United Sates. Those buildings were all burned, even including those DVDs in the studio. These earthquakes have never been seen before, a major earthquake of magnitude 10 or 16 (I’m not so sure). All four skyscrapers collapsed in about three seconds, Even the statue of liberty went straight into the sea. The ocean water and tide came up, like a pot of porridge. Then came the earthquake, the hail, the rain, the snow, the tornadoes, the floods, and a lot of natural disasters all added up, worse than anything we’ve ever seen, way beyond imagination.

Before I had this dream, I had dreamed the rich family was in this dream tonight. They were watching TV, Television has reported that the United States recently has a magnitude more than 11 earthquake, please evacuate the people of whole country as soon as possible. Many people do not believe that the disaster would be so severe, no one believe this, except those who believe in God. Those who believe in God do not panic, because they trust in God, they have ways to escape the disaster. Those who don’t believe in God, they all died the next day.

Jesus was with me to watch these visions of the end together. Jesus told me these phenomena will happen in the future, HE hopes us to pray more, to read Bible more, so that the country I am in would be better than the United Sates. America has the largest number of horror movies in the world, and they are also the best shot. They like to make horror movies, also mix and bring in many, many bad cultures in the movies, and then the disaster will be very serious.

Original Chinese Version:【全球预言63】美国国土被劈开-十级以上的大地震/

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  1. Roberta

    Thank you Ruth for translating and posting. If the child is known by you, could you please tell the child, “THANK YOU” from a person in America who loves Jesus? I am so glad Jesus was with the child during this experience.

  2. This line caught my eye- “Then I saw their bodies were gone, all turned into light, broke through the clouds and went into the heaven.” At a time of so much worry & concern about what is coming, I thought it might be helpful to testify to my own confirmation experience of the truth told in this one line, as encouragement to others who may be watching & pondering over these Words. About 8 years ago the Lord gave me an awesome ‘living experience’ that was far more than a mere dream/vision. I got out of bed & walked to my bedroom window to see the full moon hanging low in the southern hemisphere. My focus was on watching the moon as thin wispy clouds passed by, veiling the view. Then a clearing came in the clouds & the moon was plainly seen all alone in the night sky, with only a small twinkling star right next to her on the lower left side. Suddenly a bright beam of light came down directly from that star & encircled me all around in the room, exactly as a spot light would. The Light was so intense that it felt like every cell in my body was immediately energized. It seemed like only a few split 10ths of a second went by when I thought to myself that if this Light continues, my entire body would instantly be transformed! After what seemed like about 3 or 4 mere 10ths of a second, the Light stopped before any lasting change occurred. Needless to say, I was left wide awake, & immediately sat up in bed, wondering what all of that was about!? After hearing my testimony, an Apostle friend of mine revealed that she knew the Lord had given me a foretaste preview of His second coming for the Bride, when He takes His own to the Grand Heavenly Wedding Celebration. Since then, many have pondered over the meaning of the ‘full moon’ in this live conscious experience, trying to fix a date to the rapture event. Personally, I have wondered if the full moon represents the full ripe & ready spiritual condition of the first fruits Bride more than any physical date? Yet, it is encouraging to know the Lord has a Way already planned out. rick

    • Sarah Elizabeth

      What an amazing experience!! Over the last couple of years the Lord has been speaking to me about a coming transformation of His First Fruits. I don’t know all of the particulars as we only see in part, but my feeling is that a first fruits company perhaps the 144,000 will be transformed but not to stay in heaven. I’ve been getting that these people will be here like modern day disciples with Latter rain abilities to bring in the Harvest. We have an entire generation that does not know the Lord or His ways and He loves them not desiring any to perish. I call these workers Glory Bearers because they will carry the glory of the Lord. Gross darkness covers the people’s but the glory of the Lord rises upon you…that’s not metaphorical.

      • Yes, Elizabeth, you are absolutely right, as near as I can understand, from all of the deeper revelations I’ve been exposed to since my walking/visionary experience on this subject. Thanks for your reply. Linda, at has a lot of revelation on these things in her Book 12, well worth reading. Thank you. rick

      • Tcollins

        Sarah Elizabeth,
        When I read your comment I hard to double check the name because I thought maybe i had been here and posted already. Word-for-word I have pages and pages of what you wrote. Father has shown me the 144 first fruits transformation, latter rain miraculous such has never been seen, and I call these Glory Bearers too. That’s my name for them, us, as I have been shown these trials of fire will create vessels chosen to carry Him..His glory. I wish I could send you a picture from my journal showing you the last 2 to 3 years where I have been writing about the Glory Bearers…same exact name. Ive also been shown great judgement and destruction. I wrote about it today on your website as i signed up to join the safe haven network. Wow…why am I always shocked when these things happen…we have the same Holy Spirit.

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