Dream: America already invaded, Russian troops confiscating weapons, ammo and food – Byron Searle

Byron Searle

Dream #1. I had this dream about 2 years ago not long after we moved into our new house. In the dream we had been already been invaded by Russia, and for some reason we had people staying in our house. At that time I did not know what the Lord had planned for my wife and I. Anyway in the dream Russian soldiers were going house to house confiscating weapons, ammo and food. I saw them coming to our house next so I gathered up all the people and went downstairs in the basement and we held hands and started praying. We heard the sound of boots going into each room above us, then one soldier opened the door to the basement and came down the stairs. We just kept praying as I told the people do not look just trust God will deliver us. The soldier looked around but not see anything and left. We heard them leave the house. I figured they took everything we had stock piled but it was all there. God made us and everything we would invisible to the invading army. I woke up

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