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02-09-2019 Message from The Holy Spirit:


“Are you sure that you stand on the truth? Pray fervently and longingly to know this; for if you are not, how will you know, other than by knowing all of God’s revelations?

Do you think that knowing and living half the truth is sufficient; one fourth the truth, three fourths of the truth? How do you think that you will be judged by your Father, if you have the intelligence, the time, and the health to research and rightly divide the Word of God, yet choose not to?

Do you not know that your Father has very high standards for you? He is perfect and His will for you is to be the same. But, you say that this is not possible. How do you know this? Is it your right to decide this and expect eternal rewards for mediocrity and luke-warmness? Study God’s Word to see what you are taught to believe in regard to this.

Your Father wants to commune with you, not only while you are on the Earth, but forever. You rise to meet Him as you strive for holiness, purity, and righteousness; and through your growth, aided by the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit; you come to commune with the Father.

You can only do this by knowing the entire truth as set out by God. Of course, you do not know this now, and you may never know every minute detail of the truth; but your communion with God is a journey; and this journey is identified by you, always rising to meet your Father where He is. He will never fail to impart more to those who diligently seek with their whole heart; and the heart is what God views when He listens and observes you.

Therefore, lead with your heart; and always have both hands outstretched and open to receive as much truth as God is prepared to bless you with. You know not what your Father has in store for you; but if you are always earnestly open to receive, you will be blessed and will grow in the spirit; and this will make you more like your Father, because, He is many things, but certainly Spirit and Truth.

Grow to be a ‘son or daughter of the Father’ and you will live well in this realm and the one hereafter.

Take this message into your heart and allow it to govern your spiritual growth.

Peace be with you,

The Holy Spirit”

—John Patmos

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  1. batach7

    John, do you have a website (for EFH Ministries)? the recent words thru you have resonated.

  2. EFH Ministries


    Bless you in your quest for truth and salvation.

    For many years I have heard from The Trinity and have recorded all. However, the time for release of these divine messages is now just beginning.

    EFH Ministries is my facilitator and as such carries all these precious messages forward. I will remain unseen, for The Lord wishes this to be.

    EFH Ministries is in the very early stages of building a web site and as The Lord leads, all spoken Words from The Trinity will be released on this site in time.

    In the meantime, you may find all new messages on 444 Prophecy News.

    With love,

    John Patmos

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