Departing from American Culture and a Church’s Flight to Florida – Immanuel Acree

Departing from American Culture and a Church’s Flight to Florida

Sep 18, 2019 9:12 AM
Immanuel Acree

Last night I dreamed about my local fellowship group going on a road-trip to a small airport for a flight to Florida.

The dream first had me in a downtown shopping area though. I visited two shops, an Antique store and then a Gun store.

In the Antique Store I ran into some Homosexual or LGB___Q people. In the dream I only thought of 2 options: Either pretend that I was okay with their lifestyle and act friendly, or not. So I just left the store and avoided them altogether. In the real world I might have preached Christ to them, but in this situation for some reason that option was not even occurring to me. So I chose to be alone instead of living a lie.

Next I went into the Gun Store where the Gunsmith was at work ( this place felt like it was in the western plains, like Oklahoma). I talked to him about speaking in tongues. He was well aware of the gifts etc. but his attitude I found discouraging, because he seemed to be bored about that topic. It was as if he and every person he knew were already familiar with spiritual gifts and every church around had already been operating in the gifts for a while. I didn’t know what else to talk about, so I think I left the store.

Next I found myself in a full car with people from my local church fellowship. We were driving to the airport but instead of the major one, we were driving into the country as in the opposite direction. I knew that the road-trip would take a few hours or so and that the plane would take us to Florida. The airport was small, like only for private planes.

As we arrived at the airport, we were on a small state highway still in the country. On the left side of the highway was a little white sign with an airplane symbol on it, with the arrow pointing to the airport.

The dream ended.

DOWNTOWN: The hub of where people, in this case Americans, get what they want and express themselves with cultural activity.

ANTIQUE STORE: this apparently means “where the old meets the new”, I.e. the people in the store, sodomites, were eclipsing the entire culture of America. Stores are where people choose what they want, in this case, what they want from old America. Antique stores attract old-fashioned people but alas there was no old-fashioned culture there anymore. I left the entire culture of the USA behind including its historic desireables.

GUN STORE: Guns represent power to change, and a gunsmith equips people with that power, which may be pointing to Eph 4:12. Being “out west” has to do with the untamed, wild west, so we have a powerful but jaded, unenthusiastic church experiencing or characterized by wildness (perhaps lacking organization?). Or the Gunsmith represents a typical attitude of an unenthusiastic Christian. This symbolism draws the most concern for those of us that will pray about this dream!

COUNTRY HWY / AIRPORT: This signifies a special, righteous trip ‘out of the way’ ‘off the beaten path’ from the rest of the world.

SMALL JOURNEY: The lesser length of this road-trip means that it comes close at hand but not immediate.

SIGN: There is a sign about this trip that is to be made.

FLORIDA: To me FL represents vacation. It represents a yearly sabbatical, if you will. So it likely signifies heaven. The flight would thus be the rapture of the church.

I welcome and look forward to any comments and insight.

God bless

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