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Death of a Nation (Part 1) – Bette Stephens

Death of a Nation (Part 1)

August 16, 2020
Bette Stephens

Auto Generated Transcript

hello everyone and welcome to a
servant’s heart
today i have a video of one of the first
three parts
of this video that i’m going to be
a word on today is sunday
the 17th of august of 2020.
as we begin to read this word i would
ask all of you to take everything
to the holy spirit making sure
that every word you hear is from the
holy spirit
not taking anything that i or anyone
else says
but to listen to the spirit it’s very
paramount in this hour that you listen
to the holy spirit
this word came
over a period of the week 8 11 through 8
14 of 2020
it is titled the death of a nation or
the scripture for the beginning is job
4 13 and job 33 15.
the lord does reveal things
in the dark and deep of the night
and so the lord said prophesy once
no twice prophesy
three times and times again
beginning of the word by the lord
many warnings have went out
and many lamp stands have
went out i the lord
stand at the door knock i open
doors and i close doors
and they will not be opened again once
the door is shut
again i say it will not be opened
make haste for the time
is passing what do you see
i walk the earth and see a nation
devastated by words
of others weeds grown up
to quench my holy spirit
thoughts of suicide death
fear and anger have became
the thoughts of many there is a shame
upon your land says the lord
abominations have gone on and are
everywhere people are looking
to other people for words
for answers while they snuff out
the only voice of god that can help them
children once innocent have no
innocence it is taken from them
for lawlessness and abuse and selfish
have taken many through no fault of
their own
filthy lucr family
and the importance of reading the bible
have become no more
as jobs money positions
power elections
politics and the such have taken over
again there is no room for me
churches stand empty doors locked and
you can sense the change and with it
my word grows stale no one wants to
anymore church is quietly
stagnating with the stench of evil
the church silenced
the people continue to slumber oblivious
to the change
and say it will be all right
but will it herein lies my answer
to the nations and to the church
i will smite the nations with the sword
you have crushed my innocent ones with
and so it shall happen to you
i will bring forth my judgments
now he is going to define here the
things coming upon the earth
number one blood standing for
two pestilence or beasts
of the field three
salmon or food
and trust me it will not be just phys
physical nourishment it will be
when everyone has been silenced that has
been speaking warnings
especially the prophets
and there is no place to go
no one else to lean on know where to
and you’ll need an answer and the bibles
will not be there
and four war or killings
and it will be your relationships
with god with christ
these things will test you they will
test your faith
and they will test your character
it will test the it will test everything
you have ever known
your rivers and your lakes and your
running water
will run red many people will be on the
the smell of death will permeate the
land everywhere
evil will be all around the world
it will be the tyranny martial law
permanent lockdowns the soon coming
will bring much death and bring many
to their knees your evil ones
that are in office will continue
even outside of office no one will be
killings of every kind will continue i
the lord bring division
many will lose what they have because of
worshipping of idols nuclear war will
bring a whole new wave of terror
you will eventually see your lands
barren desolate
stripped and will not yield planting
people will be separated and loose loved
ones and lose rights
and lose sight of their reality people
will be taken over
by the robotic age this next phase
coming soon will be like nothing anyone
has ever seen the tears in the whales
will be heart wrenching
there is much more i could say but
because i am god you could not bear it
i speak through my prophets and my
amos 3 7 take heed
you have been warned and the people know
i am god
that word was given to me
during this past week and now i’m going
to bring it on a little bit
stronger because it seems that now
everybody or the general generality of
believe that things will get okay they
have their opinions
and they have their right to their
opinions but i tell you now
it will not happen and so now
god speaks a little harsher and i will
bring the warnings
as long as the lord does not hold my
tongue back
because i will tell you when that time
comes that i will speak no more
i mean i will speak no more
and you will know it
this one is in a prophecy
uh that was given to me on october 9th
of 2015.
speak prophetess hold not thy tongue
speak of the foolishness of men speak as
ambassador to warn the unruly speak to
my people and warn them as well
speak of the idolatry over the land
speak of the lawlessness
over the land speak of the pride and
over the land speak of the abominations
over the land
speak of the judgments over the land
speak of health fire that is over many
of the people of this land speak of the
of those that wave their hands and speak
swelling words
that say i am your brother or i am your
yet the irony of their idol words will
be used against them
for i know them not speak of the
consolation and desolation over this
speak of the pervading darkness that has
spread and will continue to spread over
this land
speak these words over all those that
will have ears to hear
will hear and those arise to see
for you must hear what the holy spirit
is saying in this crucial hour
look prophetess see look and listen
look at the nations look at their hidden
look at their eyes for they are the
windows to their souls
they race against time to try and
eradicate me
by what you call chemtrails thinking
that they can get rid of me in the
oh how they devise their schemes and all
for what
they can become god like me i tell you
now that there is no one like me
and will never be your faith will either
lead you through these things coming or
the choice is up to you have you seen
have you heard enough have you
considered all these things
now you see barren man desolate land
fire upon every nation not one stone
left untouched
fire in the form of lightning bolts and
in the form of wars emp attacks both
civil and spiritual will battle
never again will any nation be great
that tries to tempt me
for i cannot be tempted tell the people
great great great devastation is here
and will be released a time of great
persecution is here
and yes it will happen in your land
as it has always happened i did not pray
that you would escape these things
but rather that i would take you through
be of good cheer for i have overcome the
world of all
obstacles this is your time to prepare
and not very long at that redeem the
wisely interpretation for the prophets
the watchmen
the messengers of god speak speak
son of man speak woman of god
speak prophets for the time is now here
we are to speak of the things
coming those things may not all come
right as soon as it is uttered
spoken from the lord will reap much
although we may not see it just yet this
is not the time to remain silent for to
do so will bring
forth god’s judgments note
i am not speaking of correction here
i am speaking that it will bring forth a
or consequence upon the person that knew
was prompted to speak and did not
hold your tongues in these instances or
rebellion to god and as rebellion to
and you are sending a message of
complacency and agreement
even to sin for the sake of your soul
please don’t do that as the progression
of things unfold there will be much
persecution and suffering we are not
to necessarily not go through these
but we will be here also to see these
as judgments are spewed out there will
be a major judgment on american soil
more so than any other nation
however that will not negate the fact
that what i saw in the earth was
complete and total
disk blackness disruption
chaos and i also saw some of the
of mankind which if god would not have
then all mankind would be gone i will
get into that
another time i hope that everyone that
reads this
takes it to heart prays about it puts
their house in order
and does redeem the time while they have
it because these things
are getting ready to be spewed out all i
can say is life as we know it will never
be the same
again there is judgment upon people
right now
because they have not repented they do
not examine themselves
and they have infiltrated the churches
and true believers are falling for this
this is one of the many spiritual
attacks upon the church
and there is going to be so much more
the intensity of the judgments is very
something very hard to describe please
once again
continue to pray our only hope is in
jesus christ our savior
do what you need to do to be sure your
house is in order
and your lamps be full god have mercy
on us in his service daddy stevens
that was given to me again back in 2015.
i’m not going to go on here and keep
saying this is part one
i could go a little deeper and i could
go a little heavier
and i will as we progress into the next
two parts
but i am going to tell you now as far as
the nation is
you are where you are because you have
given in to satan
this nation is a very nation that wants
to be
lazy we want god’s grace and we want his
and we want him to bless us and take
care of us
but when god intervenes and comes in and
says i want and ask something of us
well we back away we had make excuses
i am going to tell you now the church is
not doing its job
it never has and it won’t for the most
because most churches today are
perverted in their gospel
and a lot of pastors are going to hell
and you know why that is because
they come out and they pray and they
preach god’s word
and then they go out and they’re into
they’re into sexuality which is just
any and all facts idolatry fornication
and then you tell me that you have taken
up the mantle of a
pastoral ship
and you can’t have it both ways how dare
preach in the church how dare you preach
to god’s people
your temple is perverted
and behind the pulpit it is perverted
when you come to the lord and he calls
it isn’t a job it isn’t a business like
the secular world likes even though
it’s made to be a business it is god’s
spiritual business
it is the kingdom business at hand
and again i’m gonna go through this we
had our service yesterday and i brought
out a heavy word
men this is to warn you
men young and old now not children so
but our young young men and our older
and even in between married single what
have you
there is a perverted spirit that is
about to overtake
the men in this hour because god is
calling the men
and raising up for many years women
have been in standing in and god has
called them and i realized that also
it’s a lot easier women have an easier
way of talking and
getting together for some men it’s
men are being called and you know you
are being called
that’s the thing of it so i’m going to
tell you now
satan wants to stop your calling he
wants to stop your being
a godly man a man of valor
and he will do it in the most vulnerable
point which is your man’s sexuality
and i’m not going to get into all that
you know what i’m talking about
it is a jezebel spirit
and i you are going to be tested solely
over the next
few months and weeks every man will be
now we know that satan is not
also concerned about ones he already has
especially if they’re an unbeliever
but he’s working he’s working
on god’s people those that are going to
be a threat against
his kingdom those that are going to
stand for something
and not fall back and he’s going to test
you men
be aware and be prepared
because god is not going to put up with
you cannot preach teach or do anything
if you’re going to be under the pulpit
with your perversions
and your secret perversions god will
bring it out
if it continues a warning
to you leaders especially but all men
that are godly men that are coming to
the lord
the young men we have a young amount of
that are coming in to fellowship with
that are looking as to their
dads parents as examples
brothers and sisters as examples
don’t let them
fall because you
are into something that you shouldn’t be
and if you are in it
and if you do get exposed and get caught
i am hoping and praying you will repent
because as the body of believers
we are to pray for them many of you
it’s much easier to throw them under the
bus that’s not
scriptural nor is it godly we are to
pray for them
and try and bring them back into the
and not go along with the crowd because
the crowd is wrong
this is why we have the division in the
church stop it
god is not pleased he gave me a very
heavy word yesterday in our service
and i’m not going to get into it right
now but this was part of it
so men be on guard be the man of valor
and the mighty man of valor that god is
calling you to do
and learn to
stay the course learn
to be in self-control
knows that the devil he he knows he
he knows you’re being called many of you
again i’m going to say this
families are going to be divided i’ve
said this
many times in my video
during the course of whatever time
you’re going to be divided god is going
to separate
households family members spouses
god is calling men and women
to certain high callings
do not and i went into this yesterday in
do not block do not
block i am telling you now i have seen
the spirit
god is angry because it is happening
in the church do not block
the call of god or cause a stumbling
on somebody’s life
it will not go well for you
and i’m very serious and it is a heavy
and it comes that way because god is
with the dysfunction of the church
and if that means he has to come as he’s
doing to households
and he turns them upside down then so be
it’s time for the church to grow up and
be the church
or get off the pulpit and be quiet
it’s either ready to stand for him
or sit down and shut up get up
and speak god’s word in truth and not to
shattered because somebody else says
something that you don’t like
or be offended or think your opinions
and express what you think and your
belief and your religion
it’s not about none of that god is going
to throw that out
he’s coming back to bring order in the
church and bring it where it needs to be
by him it’s long
time and past time when the church
needs to come in and start being the
and stop being like the world it’s very
bad and i’m telling you
this is how the lord brought it to me
and i am going to bring these hard
sayings and these hard warnings
until i am told to step down and be
by the lord
it is time for the church to grow up you
won’t like all these messages
and it doesn’t matter to me because
there’s been enough of the fluffy duffy
all i want to hear is when i’m going to
get out of here
and how god loves me
that’s all we want when over here every
almost every person in the bible was
we got third world nations that are less
than us and we snuff our nose on them
because we’re over here in our little
corner in america
how is it when truth comes speaking out
you jump away from it i don’t want to
hear it because it brings conviction
from the holy spirit
it brings conviction from deep within
and we figure that if we don’t hear it
or let anybody talk about it we won’t be
held accountable but i’m here to tell
yes you will be held accountable and
when you have heard it and you’ve heard
the truth and you do nothing with it
then it becomes sin
and yes i’m going to preach fiery
messages for a while
because it’s thoroughly needed
because i’m not here about followers and
who likes me and who doesn’t i’m here
about the truth of god
because i care about souls that’s where
i’m at
it’s not about just me me me me me it’s
about souls that are at stake
that are falling into hell
and a lot of you will not be able to
understand even what i’m saying
because unless you’ve seen how you won’t
even understand it
but i’m going to tell you there are
people under judgment right now and they
don’t even know it
everything is okay to them it’s not okay
it is not okay
the nation is not okay
the wisdom of the lord is over here and
he’s saying it’s
never gonna be okay
it is not okay the government
is not okay the church
is not okay
the division between people god’s people
youtube and facebook and all these other
platforms is absolutely ridiculous
because all they do is follow the people
it’s almost like drama drama attention
where is god in all of this where is he
in all of this
god’s going to shut it down that’s
exactly what he told me so i’m going to
shut it
down and what are you going to do when
permanent lockdown comes and it’s coming
it’s around the corner it’s called
martial law and they are plotting it
now what are you going to do then
and a vaccine that’s coming out that
they pretty much almost got it ready and
it’s got things in it it’s going to be
completely different
than what what we think that’s another
thing that when the lord showed me
it’s a whole complete different vaccine
what will you do then what will it take
for you people to get on there and turn
your heart back to god
you think this is hell on earth as we go
into this this is nothing
you have no idea when you say words
people you
s you spew out words you have no idea
you sing songs in your church and homes
you have no idea of the intensity of
what you’re saying
or even the consequences you have no
the lord is speaking here lord speaking
let me be your mouthpiece i’m not in it
for gain
i’m not in it for material let it speak
and let
it convict and sear the hearts of the
and lord let it bring truth let it bring
let it bring a release before it’s too
we are going to need to rise up
the things that are planned are ghastly
but i’m not even going to go in it
that’s going to be in a couple of my
videos i am trying
to speak to you of the importance
of what is going on in front of your
you will never stand before a holy god
and say you weren’t told you’ll never be
able to do that
god is holy god is love
it’s not his desire that anyone perish
but he’s called he’s called he’s called
people don’t listen
don’t listen don’t listen
and i’m gonna tell you exactly in a
final summary
the whole thing
i don’t have to go into a lot of reasons
i’m not here to give my opinion
or what i believe that kind of stuff
needs to get out
god’s going to shut that kind of stuff
and that thinking down it
kind of boils down to one thing and one
thing only
there’s no fear of the lord anymore
and the lord says i’m no longer winking
at sin he’s no longer
looking away from sin oh no he’s in
if that doesn’t put the fear of god in
i don’t know what will but i do know
that when the judgments do come
and they’re right there where you can’t
turn them away and deny it
when you see then you’re gonna have to
really toughen up and make decisions
because you may not have everybody to go
to then
it’s going to be a time of great
a time of a time of many things
coming out you won’t even know who to
because well your family will turn you
in your loved ones your brothers your
sisters everybody
you won’t know who to trust because you
don’t have a relationship with christ
you don’t know his voice you don’t know
even how to do spiritual warfare
so you just go along with the crowd you
just go along with the crowd it’s a lot
easier to just fall in
conform than it is anything else and
then just put god’s name on it
even though he may not be in it
that’s all i have to say this is the
end of part one i hope you take it to
because i’m going to be speaking harsher
and harder words
because you people need to hear it the
people of god the lord said and get my
people moving
hammer at home we’re getting toward the
tail end
of some very devastating things
and still there’s no
remorse no fear of god no
nothing it’s just follow the people
wherever they go
used to be follow the lamb now it’s just
follow the people wherever they go
whatever they say how they say it it’s
like a
it’s it is it’s just like a tribute to
it’s just like and i’m not saying at all
that there are not some godly men and
women and leaders that god has raised up
yes but for the most part it’s just
follow follow follow
more time spent on on following people
and listening to them and
everything then there is god’s voice we
don’t have time to get soaked and
saturated in his word
we want the easy fix we want others to
write out all the scriptures prettily
to look and research all the things then
we just follow along
like a script because we don’t want to
have to do any of the work
we don’t want to have to write out any
scriptures we don’t want to have to look
because oh my goodness
we’ve been raised in a church where we
just opened our bible on sunday and
there’s a sermon
and that’s it i’m not going to go into
this i could go on a rant on and on
i’m going to get to the meet there will
be other scriptures here in the
description box below
our website is always below in the
description box
i will only be talking and interacting
again by email
or by phone and i will limit myself
because we are in a big transition and
we’re going to be pushing it forth
probably in the next couple weeks we
won’t be in this place we are now
so may god richly bless you we continue
to pray
as the prayer requests come in we
continue to
receive those we continue to help you
get to where you are
need to go as the bible believers
we operate in all the gifts of the
and we believe in discipling we don’t
believe in people just coming to the
lord and that’s
all uh that’s why the church is so
and filled with fear and anxiety and
doubt because we go
they don’t know where to go they don’t
know because they’re not trained they’re
not taught
and so we will pray for you please
continue to pray
as we go forth we have a lot of heavy
ministry coming forth now
and we’re a little bit constrained
because of where we are right now
but as we move into where we’re going
god will
bring the people that he wants to bring
so may god richly bless you
thank you once more for your kind and
encouraging words
thank you for whatever
the lord places on your heart in your
emails we thank you so much
all the prayers that are coming forth
god bless you
and yes i will continue
as i have the time and the lord leads
for part two
shalom and bye bye for now

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