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Correction Coming – Byron Searle

Byron Searle
Correction Coming
Jer. 30:11-15

My son, a correction is coming to a nation who has gone the way of pagans. I will correct this nation as a father would correct his wayward son. This nation has now eaten of Jezebel’s delicacies and has grown fat on the bodies of My small ones, never allowed to see light or breathe a breath of air. You have elected a pagan to lead this nation and because My Church is so blind, they never saw his true heart. I have told My watchmen, yet no one wants to believe them.

Correction is coming to this foul nation of selfish idolaters and wayward children. You seek My blessings, yet I will give you what you need – -correction. My son, your father used a belt for correction which was just, but I will use My judgements on this nation which is just. I will correct this nation in measure, bringing about My rod to different areas. Those areas that have flooding, they will be worse than years before. Those areas that have storms or tornadoes will be worse than before. Those areas with fires, these will be worse than last season, and those with earthquakes, get ready to shake like no time before. I will come against the idol of money, and all those who put their faith in that god will be destroyed. Those nations who have worshipped at this altar will be wounded because I have brought correction on this nation.

My son, this nation will know sorrow like it has never known before. I will bring correction — it is time. I am coming soon, get ready! My remnant that have awakened, I say Get ready, for I am coming! saith the Lord. I call out to My people – Wake up, for correction is coming, and you are fast asleep! My son, My spirit is flowing all across this world, preparing My watchmen. It is time for correction before All Is Lost! I love you my son, I love you My Remnant! Keep your eyes on Me and stay in My Word. Messiah Jesus

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