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Church must repent !!! – Translated by Ruth Smith

Church must repent !!!

April 1, 2020 11:52 AM
Translated by Ruth Smith

Message receiver: A sister in Christ from China

Received the message in the morning of 3-10-20:

I had a dream this morning. The scene in the dream is as clear as watching a video on the Internet, here is the dream:

I saw a beautifully wrapped dark blue train, and the train was not walking, it was sitting there, suddenly a voice said:”Let’s see what’s in here?”, then  I saw the blue shell of the train being taken off, seeing the inside layer is completely rusty and black, very ugly, I looked in through the window of the train, it was full of dirty and filth things, at last, I saw a new train came straight through the middle of this train, The first thing I saw was a very beautiful dark blue locomotive, but the body of the train which attached to the locomotive became a tree,the tree was full of fresh and luxuriant leaves, and the train was upwards at a top speed.

I asked the Heavenly Father for the specific meaning of this dream, the answer that Papa gave me is :

“This is what the universal church looks like now, having the outward appearance of godliness, but it is far from the essence of godliness.

Under the outward appearance of the fresh and bright, it is full of filth, indifference of human heart, greed for the world, arrogance, selfishness, all kinds of evil feelings and desires, and turns away from the truth.

So church must repent, church should be a beacon, church must reconnect with Christ, truly preach the word of repentance!

Don’t go after the appearance too much, but pay more attention to what comes out of the inside, the outside is all vanity, only the inside truly lead to the eternal.

The church was founded by the blood of my son, and everything in it, whether man or thing, should be cleansed by the precious blood of my son.

Faith is dead without works, to live a good testimony in the likeness of a new birth of Christ, to glorify my son’s name, to draw more people to go to church.

Church must repent to reconnect Christ, Christ is the head of church, every member of the body, all should be holy, only in this way, you can run on the path toward heaven.

The day of my return is at hand, I AM at the door to wait for marry my bride, but first of all, church should check if she really looks like a bride?”

Relevant Scriptures:

Acts 20:28

Ephesians 1:22

Ephesians 5:26

Revelation 2:7

Revelation 3:15-17

Original Chinese Version:


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