Given to Byron Searle on April 21st, 2018

I was driving home from work yesterday (4/20), and it’s an hour drive, so I was praying and meditating on the Lord. As I was praying, I heard the words spoken to me by the Lord, “Tomorrow – Mark this day.” I heard this phrase repeated several times by the Lord, and that was all He said. After I got home, I went back for prayer and quiet time with the Lord. During prayer, I asked the Lord what He meant, what is going to happen tomorrow? He did not reply to my question at that time, but He did tell me today.
Jeremiah 42:7-17

My son, I have given My People a choice – to serve Me and dwell with Me forever, or choose to serve man and perish on this earth. I have sent forth many Watchmen and Prophets to wake up the sleeping people, yet the people do not want to choose Me. I have wept over My people, and I have given them every chance and opportunity to serve Me, but still they stiffen their necks and portray a haughty attitude.

My son, My weeping for this people is now come to an end. Today I said would be a day I have marked, and today is the Day to Choose. Those who will serve Me, I have been speaking to their hearts. Those who will not, I have now given over.

My son, the pastors must wake up and preach the true, pure gospel to bring in the ones whose hearts I have pricked. The enemy is about to come to this nation, and many will not acknowledge this is to be. So many of My people are being deceived and beguiled by a corrupt king. Many of My people have believed in the lying prophets and think this king will save them and solve all the problems in this world. He cannot even solve the problems of this nation, which will continually grow exceedingly worse, yet My People will not wake up and hear the true prophets.

California, you continue to drink the bitter cup of fornication! I have seen you in all your wickedness and have set My fury toward you!

My son, shout the alarm to the remnant of My People! I have heard their prayers and their weeping, and I have now set them as standards in the coming days of chaos and commotion. Now is not the time to sit back and wait, but it is a time to reach the lost whose hearts I have touched! REPENT! REPENT! REPENT! should be the call of My Remnant who I am moving into position to shout My alarm. Shout out to all – I AM COMING!! ARE YOU READY? Choose this day who you will serve – The Great God of All Living or the god of this world. You must choose, for there is no more time!!

Messiah Jesus

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  1. SC

    That Friday the 20th I had an day of almost non stop crying , both in worship to the Lord and yet grieving in my spirit. That evening as I was quiet before HIm . I kept getting the impression that something big had happened that day … a change. Now I know why. Thank you Bro Serle and 444 Prophecy News .

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