Break the binding of the spirit of religion to you!! – Translated by Ruth Smith

Break the binding of the spirit of religion to you!!

March 30, 2020 10:14 AM
Translated by Ruth Smith

Message receiver: A sister in Christ from China

Received the message on 3-9-20 at 9:00AM:

Children, I want to talk about the binding of the spirit of religion to you this day.

Yes, too many of you are living in religions, not in the relationship with me. Religion is dead, your lives are tightly bound by the spirit of religion, so that there is no real living water in you.

Too many of you are filled with all kinds of rules and rituals, to set up too many fences for yourselves to get close to me.

Knowing I AM your Father, your abba Father, please think about what kind of relationship should be between a father and his sons/daughters? Should not it be intimate?

Please think more about the relationship between bridegroom and bride, should not be you are in Me, and I Am in you?

Did I not say in My Word”You are the bone of my bone, the flesh of my flesh”? This is the relationship we really should have.

I AM a loving God, My heart is filled with infinite love, each and every one of you are my precious baby, I have placed my infinite mind on each and every one of you.

Everyday, I desire you will come to me, Come sit at my knee and enjoy my infinite love.

I AM not a terrible God, not a Rigid boring, irritability God. Yes, I have a fearful side, that is, when I face the wicked who never repent, and when I face the devil who intends to destroy all my creation, the fire is what I will manifest , the consuming fire.

But to My faithful, obedient children, to those children who truly come to me, you don’t know how my heart is, you don’t know what kind of love and entrust that I have for you.

But this need you to get close enough to Me, and do your best to pursue holiness, then you can really feel it.

I have said, no one can see me without holiness, in order to come to me, first of all, you must get rid of all sins, then I will wrap you with my love.

Children, please take off the garments of all your religions, what I want is your heart, it is your heart which is my most precious. I know all your mind, I don’t want any lip worshiping, what I want is the most true and purest heart to come to me, a real praise, worship and thanksgiving from your heart, this is what can please me most.

How I rejoice in your true thanksgiving and praise from your heart for Me, this makes me feel all my creations are grateful for me because I created them all, this makes my heart deeply get satisfied.

Children, do not stick to any external form to come to me, remember, what I want is only your heart, to your physical parents, your sons/daughters, friends, don’t you hope they will respond you with their true heart?

As the creator of your soul and body, how much more do I hope so too?

Children, in addition to the Bible that I have given you, I ask you to look at the universe that I have created, to think carefully, all things reveal the nature of Me, the creator.

You can think about what kind of God I AM through a flower and a leaf, through the mountains and rivers, through all my creations, Am I not plentiful and interesting?

I even have a sense of humor. I laugh and I cry, especially when I’m deeply hurt by your sins, this is how I feel as a Father.

You are created in My image, don’t you know I also have the joys and sorrows? I would laugh and rejoice for you, I would weep for your sins, I would be wounded for your disobedience, I would feel lonely because you don’t want to talk to me. What a wounded God I AM!

Please come close to my heart, to truly understand my heart as a Father, if you ignore your parents, think about how they would feel, not to mention Me, God who created all spirits? My feelings would just be stronger.

Children, I yearn for you more than you long for me, I also love you more than you love Me, My love and desire for you is more than you can imagine, It is beyond your comprehension, this is all written in My book of songs of songs.

Does not Bible say”God is love”? Think about it, I AM the source of love, the ontology of love, think over how the love itself will love you.

Children, please get close to me, get closer to me, the closer you are to me, the more you will understand what kind of the love that flows from my heart to you; The closer you are to me, the more capable you are of love, the more you will manifest my nature and character,This all depend on your relationship you with me.

Religion will only kill your vivid perception of me, blur your image of me, and make you completely unaware of whom you believe in.

Relevant Scriptures:

Matthew 15:8-9

Ephesians 5:31-32

Proverbs 4:23

John 4:23-24

Galatians 4:6

Romans 8:15

Genesis 1:27

1 John 4:16

John 11:35-36

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