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Beware Run – Bette Stevens

Beware Run

June 29, 2021
Bette Stevens

Scriptures :

Psalms 56
Matt 10:28
James 4:13
Isaiah 55:11
Revelation 13 and 17

Auto Generated Transcript

hello everyone
uh thank you for tuning in to a
servant’s heart once more
i am on here to bring you a brief word
from the lord this will be part
one and so it will be continued
i do not know how long i’ll be on here
um the lord has told me that my time is
short on youtube
um you know that things are changing so
i’m going to give this to you in part
part one it’s called you know run
there’s a lot going on uh i was taken up
out of my body into the
throne movement if you will from june
21st and it has continued
since then every night
some places i’m taking and i come back
and um i don’t know where i’ve been
because the lord has
wiped it away out of my mind until a
particular time
so with that being said let me
get my notebook i’m going to read
directly from
in the early morning hours of the 21st
this is how this vision came about so
this is the first one and it’s going to
as i said i saw myself
high above the earth and there was
a very distinct silence
i was suspended in min air and then i
was taken
into the heavenlies
and into the throne room
i saw people from that position
from that position where the lord had me
we were able to look down upon earth
and i saw people running running
running running in all directions
in panic
and as the lord had me
just see it was kind of um a picture
of the whole earth the whole world was
in chaos
the whole world was running people were
just running
everywhere it was not necessarily just
in america
i’m reading from my notes thank you so i
get every word
this was a very distinct vision people
falling in their time of running they
were falling over each other
some were bleeding out some were
bleeding out
some looked like they were having
something was coming out of them
many many people that i saw
all over the world were dying
their bodies was decaying
right before the eyes
of myself and others that i saw down
there i mean
it was like the it was like
the panic was so high it was like
that i’ve ever seen or encountered
and because people were dying the death
was rising
in that going on while that was all
going on
was uprisings so there were still
many people that because of the panic
because of what was going on they were
they were just their minds were gone
and what i was being shown was families
were coming against families loved ones
loved ones brothers and sisters against
brothers and sisters
the food riots were on
uh there were a lot of people as they
were dying they could not
keep food people were people were just
in a panic they were they were going
towns in in different villages i mean it
was a mess
this is so hard to describe it was a
water consumption was at an all-time low
so the riots were for survival
and the people that were still sane
and in their right mind was trying to
hold on
this was internal fighting going on
there were no holds buried and what i
in regard to families there was a
cut-off period it was the
um it was just like people were like
nothing humans acting the way they did
it’s very hard acting out
the way they did and what i saw
i just can’t begin to tell you
the the way the way that it was
playing out there’s no words to describe
what was going on
nothing was being said to me i was just
standing there with the lord
and he was showing me all of this
and then what then
i knew i knew in my spirit
i knew that i knew that the
all this stuff was the result
of what people had taken
versus people who had not
they were very different they were very
very different
and i’m going to say this that was the
end of that vision
it was very precise and very clear
i heard the line has already been drawn
the choices have already been made
the grape falling away has already begun
will you receive or deny me
meaning the lord
i’m going to give this information as i
was a given
it is you know
people are going to believe what they
want to believe they’re going to embrace
what they want to
embrace they’re going to go with people
it’s going to happen until christ
returns there’s always going to be
someone that
that fights against this fights against
things that that are happening um
there’s always going to be that there’s
always going to be
skeptics mockers
off this falsat there’s always going to
be that
but it’s a lot different when you see
you actually
see it versus what all your wonderful
and your scientists that are supposed to
know so much
and i have been spending lots of time
with the lord
and a lot different than what people
think and what they’re being told
scientists and doctors don’t know
everything they think
and not even satan himself or the devils
know everything but they do
have to tell their plans to the lord
the patent is the number 666
the mark is
the luciferase which is satan’s mark
to show ownership the name
is the v
the last thing i saw before the vision
ended was people were lighting up like
christmas trees
but it was not the light of god it was
not the lord’s light
and people as i said
have already believed what they wanted
to believe
and they’ve already
accepted what they want to accept
no amount of talking or changing their
we’ll change that
soon we will enter this time
very very soon
i’m going to be doing part two
and i don’t know whether i’m going to go
over to another platform
or yet what i’m going to do i’m going to
be doing a lot
more than on the internet but i’m not
getting into that i don’t want to get
off of this
but anyhow
you cannot stand before holy god one day
and say you weren’t warned
and this event there is an event coming
very close now we are very close
in fact i’ve been on edge every day
although i have not been told what it is
it acted maybe multiple
but it is going to surprise everyone
and people that have been called to
places people that have been called
to different assignments that better be
ready now
now things are going to happen
in a totally different way than what
people think that’s how i’m going to say
it is going to take everyone by surprise
so take everything to prayer
it doesn’t matter whether you want to
believe it or not
god’s word is going to come true it’s
going to ring true
and yes like myself i’m going to come
against the grain i have to stand for
or fall for everything and i’m not doing
that i’m standing
my ground i’m standing my ground
it is god that i please anyway
the scriptures will be that are
connected with us they will be
in the description box below
along with our website
and i will be working on part two but it
takes some time
because i have other things to do and
because i’m the fit
and really think about everything i’m
bringing forth
because i know souls are at stake and
i also know people are going to lose
people as far as friends not just in
death but just because of what they
stand for
and who they stand they’re going to lose
them one
you know there’s going to be we’ve got
to learn to stand after having done all
the bible says stan
don’t worry about what people are
thinking just pray for them
we’re gonna have to stand
and if we lose friends
if we lose even brothers or sisters so
be it
we lose loved ones so be it as far as
our stand goes but the one thing that we
can’t lose is jesus christ in our
we can’t afford to lose our soul
so please take everything again in
prayer focus on him
be vigilant be ready be ready to go
because things are going to take a turn
here very soon
and i just know that i know
that some of us is not going to be ready
at all for anything
so god bless all of you until the next
bye bye


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