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Abba, Heavenly Father’s grief & About three days of darkness – Ruth Smith

Abba, Heavenly Father’s grief & About three days of darkness

March 19, 2021 11:48 PM
Ruth Smith

Saturday, March 20, 2021

After middle night, I started to read Bible as usual, but suddenly I felt so grief from the bottom of heart, I couldn’t help crying, tears were falling down like broken line of pearls.

Then I heard:

“My daughter, this is My grief. There are so many souls don’t know Me, there are even so many souls don’t want to know Me.

The world is running out of time, disaster is coming soon. But still, there are so many souls are slumbering, to fall into a deep sleep not to wake up.

For the souls of the whole earth, I gave My only begotten Son, My Son, Jesus has given up His everything and all He has for you, but how many are willing to give up everything to follow Him for this long, wide, high, deep love?

I have said, many are called, but few are chosen. There are so few are truly willing to give up everything for Me, there are so few truly can enter into My Kingdom in the end.

My children, the kingdom of heaven needs to take violence to force in, there is only a little time left.

I AM the Father who waits for the prodigal son to return, I AM waiting for you at the crossroad with open arms.

My beloved children, come back, return to your Abba, Heavenly Father, do not cling to things in this world, for the world and all that is in it will soon be gone.

Think about Lot’s wife, who clung to everything she had left in the city, but she perished. Everything in this world will only lead you to your destruction.

Come back, My children, return to your Abba, Heavenly Father, I accept each one of returning sons and daughters, My heart rejoices for every one of them who return to me.”

When I got up in the morning, as usual, I talked to the Lord Jesus and asked Him about three days of darkness (I have asked about it before, also received the same words as below), then I heard:

“Three days of darkness is coming soon, but not at this Passover.

When three days of darkness starts, that is when My bride will be taken away for training; when three days fo darkness are over, the great harvest of souls begins.

The time of harvest is short, but when it is over, My bride will be with Me forever, never to be parted from Me again.”

Brothers and sisters in Christ, please take these to the Lord in prayer for the confirmation, may God richly bless you all! Love you all in Christ!

Ruth Smith from China

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