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A Warning ⛔️ For The Times. The [DS] Last Act 🦠 🧫 💉 ⌛️ ⚖️ 🌡 💥 – Laire Lightner

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A Warning ⛔️ For The Times. The [DS] Last Act 🦠 🧫 💉 ⌛️ ⚖️ 🌡 💥

January 27, 2022
Laire Lightner
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Auto Generated Transcript

hey guys so i wanted to give you this
warning because i’ve seen
a lot of people that are getting very
cynical and a lot of people that
um are not going to take what is
happening next seriously and that’s
going to be
to their detriment so
three different prophets
amanda grace
julie green
i’m trying to remember his name
either way
uh long hair prophet
sorry my my one blank he also said
the same thing the three of them said
that they
are planning to release
something with a high kill rate so
we are watching and doing our research
and listening to all these doctors that
have been banned in all these other
channels about what
about what’s going to happen when the
come across the next flu season so i
understand that side of it
uh you need to understand that you need
to put all the whole picture together
and the whole picture together is that
this is not going to be just an issue
where we see the juice
having no immune system which we’ve
talked about for the past years many
many doctors have talked about this
this is something new amanda grace said
that they were going to
release it through the air ducts
in schools and it would start in new
and then
robin bullock that’s the name robin
bullock also said that they’re planning
to release something with a very high
kill rate
julie green said the same thing and they
all said those who love the lord and
fear the lord will be protected
so that doesn’t mean that we don’t do
anything about it you know that i am
stocking up on everything and naturally
that i can find to boost immune system
to make sure that i know to treat the
two things
that i think are in question which is
marburg and smallpox
it’s not to sit back and be like oh the
lord’s gonna do everything i’m still
going to get
prepared as if i had to treat those
things but i trust the lord what i don’t
want seeing is those people that are
like oh you know they cried wolf this
past you know two years so this is just
another false flag this is just another
that’s not what the prophets are saying
so you need to take it seriously because
when i was driving when david was
driving in the car today and i was next
to him
i had this feeling in my spirit that the
lord was saying
because they’ve cried wolf this past two
years it’s going to catch them off guard
and they’re not going to take it
seriously so
what’s going to happen is that this
new thing is going to be released and
people are going to think that it’s a
joke and it’s not really happening and
the media is lying to them and all these
other things and i’m like
that’s not what the prophets are saying
so i’m gonna go with what the prophets
are saying
and understand that we live in very
difficult times that there is math death
coming like many have prophesied i
prophesied it last year before can
christmas even prophesied it so i love
the confirmation that we have in the
prophetic community of
what’s what’s coming and what’s
happening so
don’t get cynical
and understand pay attention don’t be so
quick to judge do your homework let’s
wait until
all these doctors come out and they talk
about what’s really going on so we can
have our plan of action um
it’s just the times we live in it’s very
interesting times it’s
going to be
a very very difficult time for many i
actually texted my husband two
days ago and i told him the lord told me
the event that is coming the world is
not ready for
i’ve talked about having food stored in
your home and water and all those things
for five years just in case anything
happened and people thought i was
absolutely crazy i’ve talked about
protecting yourself against 5g since
2016. people thought i was crazy now
people are messaging me they have
headaches they are dizzy they’re
nauseous right after 5g was turned on
there’s only so much we can continue to
do to wake people up and to educate
don’t get in the complacency in the
cynical phase where it’s just they’re
lying about everything and we don’t
trust anything like
you need to the lord has said
that their last act is about to come up
their last act ditch effort to stay
in charge to stay
relevant from the deep state do you
think that they’re going to go down
with like this little cold situation no
you’re seeing the narrative fall apart
countries that were literally kicking
people out like israel kicking people
out of their stores because they were
not juiced the most juice country in the
overnight all of a sudden they want
people to go back to normal because it’s
you know when you just need to get rid
of all the mandates all
uk the same thing country after country
is doing the exact same thing the
narrative is falling apart the next act
comes up the next act is going to be the
one that’s going to shake the
foundations everything that can be
shaken will be shaken
then the next act is the last act they
want massive chaos everywhere from
manipulating harp to set volcanoes off
from due to things that i’m not going to
talk about on this video because i just
got my platform back
if they cannot be in charge and in
control they’re going to try
the best
way possible
leave chaos and a world that is
uninhabitable because this new world
premature takeover has been massive
failure they have failed at all fronts
they’re not going to do it so
i had a friend message me yesterday that
she is friends with
um a navy seal and he uh said that they
were expecting trump to be back in
office by march
so there’s other things that were
disclosed that were disclosed that i’m
not sharing on here but
it lines up with the prophetic word
that barry wanch i think that’s his last
name that’s how you pronounce it gave
that 45 would be back in office by
everything is lining up for the rightful
president to come back into office
the last act needs to be put together in
order to bring about the great reset
they’re in a hurry to bring about the
great reset this is why they’re
shortages they’re just not shortages
there are not shortages this is all
planned this is all created because they
want everything to collapse together so
here comes a new solution here comes a
great reset the best thing that ever
happened to
humanity i talked about in
2016 i started talking about the digital
dollar people laughed at me that’s
hilarious that’s never gonna happen
federal reserve just talked the federal
reserve just talked about it they’re
looking having conversations about a
digital dollar which i said it was going
to happen the whole
the whole thing the bottom is going to
fall out fiat is dead in the water so
there has to be a new currency that is
going to come with a quantum financial
i had other friends that are
had a conversation with a retired
this was two months ago
this retired general because they were
doing he was doing a purchase had to
provide his credentials
um and this retired general said that
they’re going to collapse all
cryptocurrencies and the only ones that
they’re going to allow to survive are
the main ones
all other cryptocurrency is going to be
wiped with the quantum financial system
because they were using it the
cryptocurrencies to get normies is what
to get normies used to
a digital currency so now that people
are playing around with crypto and
they’re so excited crypto’s going to the
moon and all the stuff
um i mean i would have loved to have a
dece a truly decentralized currency
would have loved that um but
just beware
use wisdom during this time because when
the market collapses
when they wiped out when they wipe out
crypto with it and they introduce this
new quantum financial system um which is
a good thing for our nation at this
point in time
um a lot of people are going to
lose their marbles because that is a lot
of money to lose
pray use wisdom use discernment
and understand that these are not times
to get cynical these are times to
research these are times for wisdom and
discernment these are not times to brush
it off as oh it’s another false flag oh
it’s another
come on now that’s

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