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A Nuke + People Being Executed in a Stadium – Michael Stephens

A Nuke + People Being Executed in a Stadium

March 7, 2020
Michael Stephens

A Nuke + People Being Executed in Stadium

As I write this I am under threat from Las Vegas LE, Governor Sisolak administration, Donald Trump administration and the Military. What they have done to me and my family has created a huge judgment in the world.

I took a nap before writing this and woke with a helicopter flying low over my home.

Because a mix of circumstances for the last year or two my dreams have become increasingly prophetic. I’ve learned not to always take the dreams at immediate face value. If the dream is not immediately clear I let it matriculate till the meaning or meanings are clear.

The other day I emailed a man that is a patriot activist. He didn’t respond but I believed he read the email because that night I had a dream that had a very dark element to it.

My dreams aren’t incredibly vivid but this was less than normal because of the very creepy energy in it. In the dream I saw souls, looked like balls of light shooting up into the sky. I mean just shooting up at fast speeds. The impression I got is people were being executed in a stadium and their souls were shooting up to be with their lord.

Now that was a short dream and I didn’t quite get the context until I listened to a video next day from a conspiracy theorist. He is a friend of the activist I emailed. In the video he claims he broke the code of the elites and the big events coming up. He says through his breakthrough that the elites goal with all that is going on is to take children worldwide and keep them underground for safety. If you watch his video it is extremely creepy if you’re intuitive like me you get he is playing a huckster and seems as though he already know the plan. You can see it and hear it in his tone that is he actually advocating the theft of children worldwide before these big events.

In my previous rapture dream I just saw one person leave their body before a nuke hit. In this one they were just rocketing up out of their bodies as energy balls.

I saw another Christian video somewhere where the person spoke about sleeper cells in America. I believe that element was in this dream. I believe many people that we may think are patriots or Christians are in fact not and work for the enemy or foreign governments.

Michael Stephens
March 07, 2020


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