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a great deception

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Aug 19, 2019, 12:28 PM

Had a dream on Friday the 16 2019 this was an off dream because it represents some things, I know little of in the works of things.

So, I was on a bus heading home in a world like ours but of the spirit. I was watching the sun and moon which are white circles in the sky. As we headed home, I began watching the sun and moon rise together and I was on a game but sensed something ad watched this alignment. Then the two circles fused and became one circle and the number 66 was written on them. 66 relating to the bible chapter. Then the sun and moon resumed normal works and split that 66 into two portals of 33. A division of the bible but so much more. It denotes what Israel’s Jews who say they are Jews but are really the synagogue of Satan and coexist are doing to the bible. But there is more to it. Then the world shattered and everyone was sucked into a game world set in the elder scroll’s series. Not just me but every person on earth even matured Christians. None of this was making sense and I used my awareness from the holy spirt to decipher just enough clues. First, we had to go through trials and tribulations and then you saw Satan’s everywhere weighing sinful people down and cheating the codes of the world to the believers even the faithful. Only those who overcame which was is one out of a hundred moved to heaven. The ones who don’t make it to first place have to be bought by Jesus with oil. So those with none immediately went to hell. And if you lost barrack Obama would come and say you lost and stamp you as a stamp tax. Something seemed off though. We would clearly make it and then some cataclysm would cause us to fail despite making it. So, we lost even though my group passed together Satan said no and destroyed the water wheel we used to win on. This was when I realized this was not a real tribulation but a game to keep anyone from reaching the true finish line. Then I prayed to god and broke the devils trap.

Open to interpretations specifically about the number’s situation and the synagogue of Satan’s division of the bible. Truly this was weirder than I ever had before.

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  1. Tim

    I prayed whether, and how, to respond to this person’s dream. I very seldom give my own understanding because I am not the Teacher – there is only one. This is something most people fail to understand.

    I rejected the idea of giving individual verses, because this dream cannot be explained with a just a couple of verses. And because of the wording, “I was on a game”, “the elder scroll’s series”, “destroyed the water wheel we used to win on” and a few others, I am clueless regarding these points.

    But, this is how I will respond – take this and ALL THINGS before the Lord. Press in deeply with Him, ask Him for understanding. My own understanding is that NONE of us (myself first on the list) go to Him enough – not often enough, not deeply enough, not with the right heart attitude, etc. As such, we are separate from Him – this is why we are like Jacob’s spotted sheep.

    The writer commented that he saw about “one out of a hundred move on to heaven”. Although I’ve never understood a number, I DO understand it is very few. Salvation IS NOT “moving on to heaven” – that is a deception on the part of the adversary. Read the Lord’s Prayer, “…. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, ON EARTH, AS IT IS IN HEAVEN…” In Revelation, John saw the New Jerusalem DESCEND DOWN from heaven onto the earth.

    Regarding what this writer saw, I will give a couple of clues to start. Look into the concept of “two”, because there is a LOT of hidden meaning there. The greater and lesser lights; the darkness and the light; good and evil; the morning and evening offerings; the Law was inscribed on two tablets of stone; Jacob and Esau were twins, as were Peres and Zerah; even the ship that Paul sailed on for three months (Acts 28) to Alexandria, had the sign of the twins, Castor and Pollux. There is much more symbology regarding “two”.

    Secondly, read the Book of Isaiah, and with His spirit, ask for HIS guidance and understanding as to how this relates to the New Testament, as well as various concepts throughout the O.T. Ask HIM, and NOT your pastor, about the “strong delusion” of which Paul wrote in 2 Thessalonians 2.

    We truly do go by the understanding of MEN, and not by His spirit. This is WHY this country and the world is in such sad shape. We truly are reaping what we have sowed. Another huge clue in fact, is Jesus’ teaching about “you reap what you sow”, which in fact, goes right back to the O.T. concept of “an eye for an eye”.

    May God bless you all,

  2. Sharon boyd

    In our bible study Sat 8/17/29, the Lord spoke to my spirit about where the “nations of the world” are, including America. 4 Ds Deception, Delusion,Depraved, Deranged. This is the “Slippery Slope” be Aware of what is going on around u and what u hear people Say.

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