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A dream and socially unconscious issues – Iseaweaver

A dream and socially unconscious issues

March 28, 2020 11:56 PM

I have two reports to make. I decided to use a bad crutch and learned the enemy is planning a red invasion Russia specifically.

Also quite frankly I was given a date that needs some explanation.

My dad pays 25 bucks at high end store gets a voucher for preorderust pick before leaving dream.

All had dates I think 5/16 was one but I cannot remember name of it.

But 4/3 was a dark rose.

Maybe people should bolster stock like food mess water and such. Though I think 5/16 is the lethal target. 3 things happen then.

The other one I cannot recall but also a 4/3

As in releae dates of 2020 calendar. I’m sure I could guess the dark rose but I googled it. That and other pointers lead to my interest. Will update after decompressing social data.

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  1. John

    English please

  2. Lwiley

    Iseaweaver, Who do your dreams come from?

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