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🦠Virus Checkpoints & Multiple Tsunamis 🌊 – Melisa May

🦠Virus Checkpoints & Multiple Tsunamis 🌊

March 25, 2020
Melisa May

Vision 3/25/2020 GIVEN TO MELISA MAY @ 4:11am

Vision started of me in a hospital (as many of you know I work in one now). I saw multiple checkpoints in the hospital screening people for Virus. ( currently we have all entrances closed in our hospital except ED and that is where our only checkpoint is) I also saw a checkpoint at the cafeteria of the hospital. If you had fever you were not allowed access.

I turned to my left and saw the hospital auxiliary had set up tables and they were selling things. ( typically our hospital has a few fundraisers a year where people bring in things they aren’t using and proceeds go to charity) This was NOT the case at this hospital. They actually had taken our belongings including our purses 👛. I got the feeling it had to do with with our money and identity being taken. They were taking these things away from us that didn’t belong to them. I walked over to the table and saw one of my items and tried to take it back and an auxiliary person ripped it out of my hands.

There were Two woman with me who were in one accord with me. One was a hospital worker and the other was a nurse. In my dream I knew they were my friends. The hospital worker looked at me and said “Melisa, we need to leave now.” And the nurse said to me both of us that she agreed and she said she was going to go get her purse which was in the sales rack.. the purse was red. And she told us she was going to get her SUV which was a red Jeep and she stated she was going to pull up the car and get us.

As soon as we left… multiple tsunamis 🌊 started to hit. It wasn’t just local it was globally and covered the entire earth you guys. I was handed a white flotation device that had some sort of powered engine in it. I held onto this device and as each wave came I would take a deep breath and the device would take me through each wave. There were multiple tsunami waves and they literally hit one after the other but the white Moyer powered floating device which I believe was the Holy Spirit took me through each wave!! I then woke up from the vision at 4:11 am

Please take all dreams and visions to the Lord in prayer! During this global upheaval we have to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit! He will help us to navigate through the things that are about to happen. And like I said it will happen Globally not just in America! God bless you abundantly!

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  1. Lynette I Devries

    I think the color red represents our blood or the Lord’s blood and the waves are from 5G milimeter waves. Wuhan city was the first one to use it. The adverse symptoms from 5G are much the same as the flu. God bless you.

  2. Chris

    This is multiple waves of the virus hitting all the nations, just like what happened in Spanish flu epidemic. Thank God for giving this warning message regarding the current pandemic.

  3. LaTonya

    Wow Moyer means “steward” that would certainly fit the description as the Holy Spirit. I love how God communicates to us.

  4. Ireland Marie Johansson

    The Ireland Marie Johansson Prophecy:

    Tsunamis are coming to the East Coast and the West Coast of the USA. Abortion at nine months. All of the ridiculous face surgeries. Look on TV. Look at Katy Perry. Look at Catherine Zeta-Jones. Almost all of the elites are doing this. This is an abomination. Normal people are vanishing. Traditional values, holiness and purity are under attack. Biological science is ignored. New genders are invented. 

    At Stanford University, they have been experimenting on live beating hearts from partial birth abortion babies. This was revealed at the recent trial in San Francisco of the two undercover journalists working against Planned Parenthood’s trafficking of aborted body parts. The journalists were found guilty. They should have received the Congressional Medal of Honor and been invited to the White House by the President.

    There is pornography. The innocence of youth is lost. Drugs. Weapons sales. Yemen war and famine and a giant sandstorm explored in Matthew 24. Syria. Drone killings. Major US and UK banks were fined for laundering billions for the drug cartels. Our elites have been funding ISIS to kill Christians. 

    Americans tolerated many evils for far too long. At first, people did not know or understand the evils. But now there is no excuse to do so.

    There exists a large group of prophets on Youtube.com talking about the coming tsunamis. And others mention a coming global earthquake. Amara Onubia is one of them. Jesus Bride mentioned a giant sandstorm and Two Witnesses. Why are all of these random people dreaming of tsunamis? 

    The Corona Virus is just the beginning. Things will not go back to normal. What was considered normal was already wicked. God has been pushed. God will judge our nation and the world. Whatever the End Times are, we are now in them. Do you see MLB Spring Training? NBA? NHL? NCAA March Madness? NFL Scouting Combine? Sports are over. God used to belong to God. Then the NCAA and NFL took over Saturday and Sunday. God wants Sunday back. God has now taken Sunday back for Himself.

    If God wants to take back the airwaves, and people’s attention, you will see the loss of the Internet, MTV, music and Social Media. Many people made a god of social media. Now we have social distancing. This is a warning to get right with the Creator and put aside all of the ridiculous nonsense and distractions. The loss of the Internet and iPhones will drive Generation X and the Millennials insane. Just as sports have vanished, the technology of distraction may also soon vanish. 9/11. Sandy. Katrina. Rita. Harvey. Asian Tsunami of 2004. Corona. These demonstrate the fragile nature of our global society.

    Much, much worse is to come. New York. Los Angeles. San Francisco. New Orleans. Las Vegas. Seattle. Miami. Look for more things to happen. Look at the locust swarms in North Africa and the Middle East. Look at what is happening to China and North Korea. Those nations like China and North Korea murder unborn little girls. And many Islamic nations kill Christians. They are already being judged. (Saudi Arabia in Yemen is but one example. Russia defeating the US and Saudi Arabia is another.)

    In New York City, the elites projected the Kali image on the Empire State Building. Governor Andrew Cuomo lit up the city with Pink Lights over his live birth abortion laws. Then concerning the Corona Virus, he now says “every life is precious.” They smiled and cheered when he signed that late term abortion law. You will see a nuclear weapon and/or a tsunami in New York City. The financial elites need an event to cover their tracks. The Status 6 Cobalt tsunami torpedo from Russia could be a part of this scenario. 

    The false idols are gone. Wall Street fraud. Fake printed money. Sports. Stanford closed. Empty shelves. People trapped while sick on cruise ships. Hollywood stars admired for their beauty now look like lizards. International and domestic travel is being undone. 

    The University of California at Berkeley has actually asked to set up an abortion clinic on the campus. Funding was approved by the California State Legislature, which puts Sacramento under a curse.

    Catholic Church. Joel Osteen. Katrina. Asian Tsunami. 9/11. 2008. Hurricane Sandy. Oil Price. Saudi Aramco IPO. Afghanistan. Iraq. There are cracks emerging everywhere. We made idols. God doesn’t tolerate any rivals. The elites want to live forever. They want to change their faces and bodies with plastic. Now God will send the plastic in the oceans over the land. In ancient Egypt, they worshipped frogs as gods, so God filled the land with frogs, and lice and darkness. 

    The Satanic elites are revealing themselves. Look at the Swiss tunnel opening ceremony. Look at the Antlers. Look at the logos for Pepsi, AOL and many other corporations. The All Seeing Eye. It’s right there to see. Look at the Super Bowl halftime show and how it has evolved since the late 1970’s.

    As a rule, Satanists must reveal to ordinary Christians what their plans are. As you can see, there is no opposition. 

    Now the Bride of Christ must fast and pray, to be without spot or blemish, and prepare to do great works. Imagine the two toughest kids on main street – eventually they’re going to fight. Which one of those kids are you? The Bride of Christ or the Satanist? That’s it. That’s all that’s left. 

    Others have dreamed of tsunamis. And still others have dreamed of Two Witnesses and Two Visitors in a hospital. The dates of 3.16.17 and 3.17.17 have been noted for these specific types of dreams all around the world. No one seems to be able to find a thread that connects them. Perhaps that is the date The Two Witnesses received their calling from God for a three and a half year ministry. Who can say for sure? But the Holy Spirit is at work.

    Do not be deceived, even if progress is made with vaccines for Corona, (the Israelis seem to be making the most progress right now) tsunamis and global earthquakes are coming. (Amara Onubia Youtube.com video.) Something people cannot blame on global warming. God is mocked no longer. I noted above the following: Kali. Pink Lights in New York. San Francisco Trial of the two journalists vs. Planned Parenthood. Live Beating Heart late term abortion baby experiments at Stanford University.

    Stanford, along with Saudi Aramco and the petrodollar, is the heart of the Deep State. The cup of wrath is overflowing in God’s throne room. As noted, Stanford is now shut down. Saudi Aramco is falling apart. Houthi attacks on infrastructure. Oil price. IPO. 9/11 lawsuits. Vision 2030. Yemen war for more oil and gas fields. This is not an accident.

    This is a warning to Americans that our main systemic economic pillar is under judgment. Without Stanford University, there would be no Saudi Aramco. Without Saudi Aramco, there would be no petrodollar. Without the petrodollar, there would be no ability to print fake money and export inflation to the rest of the world left holding U.S. Dollars. Our standard of living flows from oil and paper.

    Each abortion and other crimes against a child every single day on Earth, anywhere, releases another angel or legion of angels for judgment. There are angels who guard the shorelines of the Earth’s coastlands from the ocean waves. Those angels are in position and are waiting their signal. San Francisco/Oakland/San Mateo will be hit. And the Captree Basin, near Babylon, Long Island, New York.

    Russia could make this happen with the Status 6 Tsunami Torpedo. “Putin’s Brain” is a man who feels The West and the United States is controlled by Satan. Michael Snyder published an article about “Putin’s Brain.” The TV show “Carnivale” on HBO explained how the Antichrist leaves Russia to reposition himself in the United States during the 1930’s Dust Bowl Days. Remember, Satanists have to tell Christians what they are up to. “Messiah” on Netflix seems to mention tsunamis coming to America and to the world as a part of God’s wrath. “He wants to bring the flood.” Season 1, Episode 8. What are the elites trying to tell humanity through “Carnivale” and “Messiah?”

    Remember that abortion is a blood sacrifice to Satan. It is also aimed at gathering tissue for the human genome (patents), Super Soldiers, cloning, medical treatments and other biotechnology. The elites want to live forever. And abortion, computers and AI are a part of this quest. This is Satan’s counterfeit of eternal life. Of course there is so much we don’t know. The year 2035 is seen as the year that Mankind Becomes Immortal. Time Magazine has made this a cover story theme. At this pace, we may not get to 2035.

    Again, God and Satan are the two toughest kids on the street. Now those two kids are going to fight. We cannot avoid this fight. When you see the West Coast and the East Coast of the United States covered with ocean water, you will know, finally, that judgment has come.

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