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🦠Virus Checkpoints & Multiple Tsunamis 🌊 – Melisa May

🦠Virus Checkpoints & Multiple Tsunamis 🌊

March 25, 2020
Melisa May

Vision 3/25/2020 GIVEN TO MELISA MAY @ 4:11am

Vision started of me in a hospital (as many of you know I work in one now). I saw multiple checkpoints in the hospital screening people for Virus. ( currently we have all entrances closed in our hospital except ED and that is where our only checkpoint is) I also saw a checkpoint at the cafeteria of the hospital. If you had fever you were not allowed access.

I turned to my left and saw the hospital auxiliary had set up tables and they were selling things. ( typically our hospital has a few fundraisers a year where people bring in things they aren’t using and proceeds go to charity) This was NOT the case at this hospital. They actually had taken our belongings including our purses 👛. I got the feeling it had to do with with our money and identity being taken. They were taking these things away from us that didn’t belong to them. I walked over to the table and saw one of my items and tried to take it back and an auxiliary person ripped it out of my hands.

There were Two woman with me who were in one accord with me. One was a hospital worker and the other was a nurse. In my dream I knew they were my friends. The hospital worker looked at me and said “Melisa, we need to leave now.” And the nurse said to me both of us that she agreed and she said she was going to go get her purse which was in the sales rack.. the purse was red. And she told us she was going to get her SUV which was a red Jeep and she stated she was going to pull up the car and get us.

As soon as we left… multiple tsunamis 🌊 started to hit. It wasn’t just local it was globally and covered the entire earth you guys. I was handed a white flotation device that had some sort of powered engine in it. I held onto this device and as each wave came I would take a deep breath and the device would take me through each wave. There were multiple tsunami waves and they literally hit one after the other but the white Moyer powered floating device which I believe was the Holy Spirit took me through each wave!! I then woke up from the vision at 4:11 am

Please take all dreams and visions to the Lord in prayer! During this global upheaval we have to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit! He will help us to navigate through the things that are about to happen. And like I said it will happen Globally not just in America! God bless you abundantly!

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