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️Imminent False Flag Event

April 30, 2020 8:39 AM
Immanuel Acree

I’m going on kind of a limb here; I don’t know if this event can be prevented or what, but it is certainly a call to prayer.

Dream from April 30 2020:

In the dream I’m watching the TV program “Saturday Night Live” although this is not a show that I prefer.

Nonetheless this is what I saw in my dream, and the entirety of this dream is a “sketch” for the show.
I also know nothing about modern Swiss culture, but this is the fictional drama setting: Switzerland.
So this would be the screenplay / sketch comedy plot.

I’m seeing a high school; I saw the people in the main hallway with the lockers in the background, in Switzerland, and the focal character is a Jewish girl. She looks gothic in her style of dress.

There is a conflict in the air between her and the minority community of her fellow Jews, versus the rest of society.

There was one thing that I could not figure out though, which is whether she was villainous or being bullied or what ever else could be her story. She may have been the protagonist but it was not clear at all.
Also, I think I saw a toy gun but I am not sure. It reminded me of a squirt (water) gun made of plastic with multicolors, mostly neon green.

Next I see as if the cameraman is walking through a dark hall but this time, it doesn’t look like a school, yet I felt it was at least the same story line. This hallway is somewhat like an office or professional laboratory. There are glass partitions that look like cubicles but much nicer. The floor looks like a high quality metal but furnished so as not to look industrial.

In these ‘cubicle’ areas of glass I see the “Saturday Night Live” actors lounging around or maybe even lying on the floor. For some reason I thought I saw sleeping bags but I am terribly uncertain. The whole thing was just dark and strange.

This part of the dream was most odd because the actors were saying things that were sloppy and excessive like deleted scene nonsense.

It was like the writing for the show had been a total flop. Specifically I know one of the actors said the show’s famous line at the wrong time. He or she said, “Live from New York it’s Saturday Night,” or at least a version of that same exact line without a hint of excitement, but the camera kept rolling, the actor kept talking, and the camera even moved on to view more actors saying even more awkward and pointless phrases that of course I didn’t find funny. I don’t know what they were saying except for one more comment: I think it was stated that something happening was like groundhog day… or a similar thought that this was a numbing and imprisoning scenario. In any case the show was sloppy and not funny at all.


Comedy Show “SNL”: this appears to be about a staged or false flag event with mainstream predictive programming (TV).

The staged event will use some kind of oppressed or bullied Jewish minority for the motive background story.

The event will be connected to a high school in Switzerland.

It will involve a “toy” (fake) gun(s), which implies a school shooting: a Swiss Jewish version of “Columbine.”

Although I saw only the girl I also had the sense that there was a team effort attached to her, so this may be a “complex attack” narrative.

Next: The show was awful and not funny and poorly written. I am admittedly having trouble with this part of the dream but I want to get this out as soon as possible rather than sitting on it, due to the urgency of the bad news, so I will take some guesswork here and let the reader decide.

If the SNL show was horrible, hopefully this means that the upcoming false flag event will also be poorly scripted and easy to debunk and discredit. The actors will be incompetent and the cameras will continue to film after the event; there may be excessive third party witnesses.

Or at least that is what we can pray for.

The glass cubicles are especially mysterious. A Swiss laboratory may sound like CERN but I don’t think that is what I saw.

Let their lies be cast down in Jesus’ name.
Immanuel Acree

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  1. Greg

    This is about April 2. The Jewish girl represents the very elect. The other jews are christians that are not part of the first harvest or firstfruits. The actors speak out of line and make excuses as to what just happened- the manchild rises as the firstfruits into God while still in their flesh= no one disappears being resurrected just glorified in their flesh.

  2. Mike B.

    Consider that some of the symbols in your dream are not meant to be interpreted literally. For example from dreambible.com: Negatively, Switzerland may reflect a mindset that is enjoying getting away with doing things that other people don’t like. Feeling good about being untouchable or beyond the reach of a disciplinary action.
    Also, the water gun may represent a false flag using water, as in using water as a weapon. I had a dream last year involving SNL and it too pointed to a false flag. I am always on the look out for it. It was an important dream.

  3. Immanuel Acree

    Greg, I have had many God-dreams, some predictive and some metaphor. I disagree 100%.

    Mike B, thanks for your interest and input. If you have the better understanding of the metaphor, look at the ramifications on the rest of the dream: there would be no specificity. This would be a confirmation of false flags and little else. For someone like me the dream would have no value.
    Also, how is SNL going to use water as a weapon? That is not feasible. God bless and once again thank you for your interest.


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