¼ killed – Liz Lau


¼ killed

March 21, 2021 9:08 PM
Liz Lau

Dream from 2021-02-25

In this dream I belonged to a group. The group name had an “n” in it. It had at least 3 syllables and ended with __ikes or __ites. I could see the whole name in the dream but could only remember this much when I woke up. I know I have never seen that name before.

In the dream me and my group were in a big room, mixed in with a lot of other people. Everyone was just standing around as if waiting for someone to arrive or something to start. I was standing close to the door and saw a gang of gunmen come in. They were supposed to kill others and spare my group, but they just fired indiscriminately, boom boom boom boom, and didn’t spare us. 1/4 of the people were killed.

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